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Hello all! Its been a while, nice to see everything back up and running! Now to the point, I recently picked up 4 boxes of 6th edition dwarfs for $15 a box and was wondering what to do with them. I was thinking of putting them together regularly and painting them grey and dark and use them as CD in the “process” of becoming evil. Maybe using different shields and some other more chaosy stuff. What do you guys think?


If you don’t want to spend a lot of time converting them, then Chaotic shields and a suitably grim paint job should be more than enough to make them look evil.

If you want to go the whole hog then something along these lines should be manageable without a vast amount of effort:


Have a look through the Conversions area and see what takes your fancy.


Could Work.:frowning: But It is alot more satisfying when you convert the dwarves. If you give them dready beards, face masks or big hats:hat then you will impress alot of people.


My original concept models were made along these lines. I recomend using black rather than brown on any cloth, wood etc, and simply highlight/shade it differently in order to distinguish between different materials. I used black for leather, wood, and beards, brazen brass for the helmets, boltgun metal for the chainmail, shield rims, axes and hammers, and painted a red gore chaos star on a black field for the shields. If you want to go further, then Xander’s mask and beard style translates quite nicely to the 6th ed dwarfs, you just need to build the back of the helmet with some greenstuff rather than sticking on a head. Cut off the arms at the chainmail and add bare marrauder/common goblin arms. The empire blunderbuss from the militia sprue works well with the bodies without chainmail for blunderbussers, it just needs a slight alteration when fixing the arms to the body to make it fit. Stick the second arm to the one holding the gun, then trim down the arms to fit the body. To go the whole hog, trim off some of the chanmail and replace it with scalemail. I did this on the one with the furry jacket as it wasn’t really “nasty” enough for my tastes. Hope this helps

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Chaos Dwarfs don’t “become” evil - they are born evil.

The curled beards are a Dawi’zharr trademark - I would definitely include them, even if you don’t convert anything else. Pretty much everyone will instantly recognize them as Chaos Dwarfs if you give them curled beards, no matter how they are painted.


Actually Chaos dwarfs did “become” evil. If I am not mistaked they were originally dwarfs who were explorers. I want to capture them on the cusp of becoming evil. I am not taking any blunderbusses, there will be no units of Bulls either. They are not that lost to chaos at this point. There will be only BS, for a hero choice.


That was back way way far back in warhammer history. Dawi Zarr born after the chaos insident do have the curly beards and tusks. If it makes you better, think not of them as “chaos”. Yes, they worship a bloodthirster, Hashut, but they have become essentually a seperate race. They are a divergent dwarf race.


I want to capture them on the cusp of becoming evil.

You'd better plan on only playing Dwarfs, Lizardmen and High Elves and Ogres then, because these were the only armies around at the time this happened. There won't be any Organ guns, thunderers, leadbelchers, cannon, flame cannons or gyrocopters around either, and the ogres probablly woudn't have discovered metal work at this point, so ironguts and heavy armour are out too. You'd be better off if you changed the theme to dwarfs of a later period that have turned to chaos. No blunders, no bull centaurs and (i'm guessing here as they wouldn't fit with your "pre-civilisation dawi-zharr" theme) no slaves, and your probablly better taking a standard dwarf army and painting them as evil baddies.