[Archive] Conversions, army list and fan made unit ideas!


My three ideas:

Idea one, a new unit:

CHAOS DWARF CANONEERS ( or something like that ), im imagening a point heavy skirmishing rare unit equiped with HEAVY artillery, like the ogre leadbelhers, I made this sketch:

like 3-4 of these in a unit, what do you think?

Idea two, a new way to convert:

The trollslayers have similarities with the hellcannon crewmans, do you think they would make good conversions?

Idea three, final idea:

With the new allies rules it would be possible to ally dwarfs and greenskins for more options in a chaosdwarf army! runesmith as sorcerer, goblin big boss as hobgoblin khan etc.

And the fact that they would be desperate allies just make it more realistic!

What do you think?

:hat off


I like the canoneer idea!

troll slayer would be cool but expensive


Ye they would cost a lot, so I think I will make crewmans or something with those I have.


The Slayers are a great start… although they really need some extra armour to be proper Chaos Dwarfs, otherwise they’ll look like paupers.

Seeing those Slayers excites me in the way only a true Dawi Zharr could be excited - The prospect of lopping off those proud locks of hair is too tempting to pass up.  By Hashut, if you’re a Dawi Zharr General worth his salt you’ll have them shorn and shackled before this day is out!!  As a Chaos Dwarf myself I took great delight in ridding my Dawi slaves of theirs, and once I started I couldn’t stop!!


Love your slap head dwarf slayers Nicodemus they are very cool.