[Archive] Converted Forgeworld C.D. Warmachines


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On these forums we can see a lot of Chaos Dwarf warmachines from Forgeworld’s (FW) line of evil beardballs. With good reason too, 'cause they’re ace.

Converted warmachines from FW is on the other hand rare, especially Iron Daemons it would seem.

With some major Hellcannonification and cruelty surgery taking place on my newly arrived FW samples I thought it could be useful to see what others have done to modify their FW toys including crewmembers.

Let’s bask in their malicious glory. Show off your converted FW CD warmachines here! :cheers

Fuggit Khan:

I like the idea of sharing converted FW war machines…I’m slowly working on a converted Iron Daemon, but it will be a long time until it’s done. But I can share (again) my converted FW Magma Cannon at least…


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