[Archive] Cool Hobby News: RC Models Excavate Home Basement


A guy here in Saskatchewan, where I live, is getting international coverage for his basement hobby … it just so happens that he excavated his basement using RC models! He even made a scale rock crusher, and a spiral ramp for them to drive up to ground level. Wow. Good to have a hobby… but 7 years to excavate his basement?? Yikes :wink: It is true, however, that things can get borning out in the prairies you know. My wife would have killed me long ago if this was my hobby, then again, it’s a wonder my wife hasn’t killed me yet seeing as how much space my hobby takes up and it can’t even do any home improvement stuff :hat off

Don’t bother trying to view the guy’s blog just yet… he’s been slashdotted.



Eh… O_o

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Thats not a hobby… That’s certifiable!


That’s not certifiable… That’s Canadian!


I do not know if he is a genius or a crazy person. But, hey, genius ARE crazy persons 99% of the time :smiley:

I wish he enjoyed doing so, for me would be great at beginning but boring after a few while.
It would be funnier with this http://www.catedilizia.it/c_mini_excavator.asp?SRC=CATBEI16g®true= :slight_smile:



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Oi, less of that please.


Sorry Bagg, hope you weren’t offended, I meant it differently but it was silly anyway. I’ll edit it out