[Archive] Cool O&G army (not mine)


Check this out, it has to be one of the best O&G armies I’ve seen


The Black orc on the boar is absolutely massive (pages 17-20 I think). :o

Full army pics on p22.


p22 has a lot of pics on it. Excellent conversions, fantastic army!


WOW :o have just finished going through the thread, what an army its totally amazing i really like the fact that most of it is fighting its self really adds alot of character to it :slight_smile:


His warboss on giant Boar is my favo - and a great insperation :slight_smile:

Cool found, there mate :smiley:


Oh yeah, I allready know this army and you are right: this is probably the best O&G army ever! I adopted the skin colour sheme for some of my Hobbos, it’s just too good! ^^

Da Crusha:

:o wow! just got through it, that was absolutely amazing and to think I was just passing this thread over and over again. I love the animosity theme, and his black orcs are amazing, wow! what a beautiful army, I really like all those squabbling units, Im gonna have to borrow some of those.