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Got lots of stuff to finish to make a LoA-complete list without any big hat troops (they will be characters only). Still reeling from the fact that the Tamurkhan book cost more than the Battle For Skull Pass box set! Not quite worked out my list yet, but aiming for around 2k pts. Have two Earthshakers and two Death Rockets, all with converted crew

Have 13 Blunderbusses, have 6 more to complete, and another 6 that aren’t even converted yet.

Have 18 CD warriors with HW (includes full cmd)
Have 13 CD warriors with great wepaons (includes champion and std)
Might combine this into a single unit, not sure of the equipment yet. Have 9 yet to be constructed and converted, plus all the models from BFSP (which are just horrendous sculpts and need heavy converting to look good)

Convert the BFSP cannon into a Magma Cannon somehow. Might switch this to add an adaption to an old death Rocket or Earthshaker.

Have 2 Bull Centaurs, have bits for 2 more. Just made spacers to make the models suitable for 50mm square bases while keeping them on cavalry bases:

Have 1 Hellcannon to paint then stick together. All parts are prepared for this already. Two of the crew have some simple bits to paint to complete, the other is fully complete.

Low priority:
Have 1 Hobgoblin with HW, 11 converted but not painted. Have the bits for 8 more.

Have the bits for 19 Hobgoblins with bows, can scrouge more bits to find the 20th pretty easily.


Great idea with the spacers!


Thank, I want to leave myself open to using them as various things like Chaos Knights - plus it makes them much easy to transport!


Very cool idea! Nicely done. :slight_smile:


Cardstock Iron Daemon is almost done:

Some alterations to the design from Onemonk.com, I might replace the scoop at the front with something that isn’t obvious that I have stuck pictures on it.


My K’daai Destroyer in progress. Looks like I will use about half of this $10 block of bakable modelling clay (a cheaper version of Fimo/Sculpey).

As you can see from the original Taurus, it is going to be BIG.


That cardstock iron daemon is very interesting! Where’d you get it?


onemonk.com. They have some pay-for downloads but it is one of the free ones.


I would recommend to make a metal, wire skeleton that at a molding the pose wasn’t lost. The skeleton will help at roasting because when there will be a roasting a material can will change and to get out of the shape. The wire skeleton is necessary here


Did you draw that? It is an extremely good sketch. But, incidently, it looks a bit too tall imo. More like a horse than a bull.


I think it might be a bit late to add a skeleton the the main bulk, although I suppose we could skewer each of the legs.

Those are my wife’s sketches. She is used to sketching horses, this is the first time she has tried to do a bull. The actual sculpt is far more squat that the drawing.

Ghrask Dragh:

It is wire framing when you can, will make it loads easier for you mate for all orts of reasons.

First of all, hats off to the Mrs - excellent sketch :cheers
I think your going to do a awesome of scultping this, I can tell already. It does need to be more squat as you’ve already done, can’t wait to seeit finished, good luck with the fire on the back :wink:

Best signature on the site btw cornixt :smiley:


Thanks Ghrask.

The malformed hooves were cut off and the three-legged bull was baked in the oven. Hardened okay without any pins or metal structure inside - a few hairline cracks that aren’t visible more than a couple of inches away. A head structure was also roughed out and baked. If it doesn’t turn out too good then I might just slap on some smooth armour and a helmet to hide those issues, since it is very good proportion-wise. Baking was done at this stage because it started to become difficult to sculpt without finger pressure starting to ruin the shape, and I can add more clay and bake again as many times as needed. I tried convincing to add a wire frame, but it didn’t happen.


Great stuff and very interesting following your process. Really keen to see the next stages!

Kera foehunter:

Nice work !! a great family team effort !!


I’ve nearly finished the Cyclops steam tank by onemonk.com (free download). I started using scissors for both cutting and scoring, but it soon became obvious that a sharp knife worked best for both except for the curved sections. The instructions aren’t great - several times I had to guess how to construct parts since the photos in the instructions use a totally white design, which means I can’t tell which way round it is or see enough detail to work it out. No big errors though. The large round turret is by far the most awkward to put together, and mine didn’t quite fit right when it came to fitting the top and bottom sections together. The wheels worked surprisingly well (once I’d figured out were to cut and where not to, plus I had to make the hole for the axles larger than the printout had them). Overall, the final result is much more rigid than it looks but it is still just cardstock, so a misplaced Tamurkhan book will utterly destroy it, and it does look pretty cool. It fits best on a 100x150mm base, which I believe is much bigger than the actual Iron Daemon model (60x100mm?).

Left to complete - three wheels (completed five), the cannon, the mini turret top.

My wife has seen the gauntlet thrown down by Zonk’s in-progress K’daai Destroyer, knows she won’t be able to top it but might steal ideas from it!

Da Crusha:

just downloaded the one monk train. how long does it take to put together this thing? it looks great but Im worried about accidentally crushing it somehow.


I’ve done it in one-hour blocks, at least 4-5 of them. Just cutting the pieces out takes a while, little triangles everywhere.


Finished the tank. I’ve gone off the Forgeworld Iron Daemon model recently, so this “temporary stop-gap” might get a lot more play than I originally envisioned. It took far longer to build than I expected - the autocutting machines look even more attractive now! I’m guessing that it took a good ten hours in total, including putsing-around time (lots of that). The turret can rotate around maybe 270 degrees. Still not sure about the cow-catcher on the front.


Fourth leg on the Destroyer, plus a partially done head. This pic shows it on the 100x150mm base and next to a BFSP dwarf.