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Since I have lost so many rules I have written over the years, I’m going to use this thread to dump them so they survive at least as long as this site and not as short as my hard drive, and are at least findable in the future rather than on some CD-R I’ve misplaced.


This was written for 7th edition (and therefore the Ravening Hordes list), intended eventually for the magazine. Siege rules were pretty basic at the time, so this fleshed them out a bit more, although I clearly hadn’t finished them. Still plenty of holes in the rules. Anyone is welcome to take this idea, any of the rules below, and finish it. I think I envisioned the battlefield as being flat and raised up on one side as the next tier of the ziggurat rather than it being a simple wall, so I’m not sure that the door rules are about. Also, it claims to be part one but seems to include rules for the final part. Too long ago to remember quite what happened.

Slave Rebellion - Part One

The final aim is for this to be part of a series of games, each one representing the attack on one tier of the great ziggurat, and the Chaos Dwarfs retreat to the next tier for the next game. The final game is for the top tier, when the Hobgoblins switch sides and attack their fellow greenskins. Each tier is sufficiently large to contain the whole battlefield and the edge of the next tier.

For this scenario, a number of things need to be considered. The majority of the slave army would be normal infantry, Common Orcs and Common Goblins. Black Orcs would be present, but there still wouldn’t be a large number when compared to the other greenskins. Hobgoblins also started with the rebels, only changing sides at the last minute (another scenario for that…)

The slaves wouldn’t have had much access to much equipment, although they could conceivably construct simple weapons and war machines of their own. They could also get supplies from nearby tribes of Orcs and Goblins, so the odd unit of Boar Boyz and Squigs could also make an appearance in the army. Larger numbers of Goblin Wolfriders can rush across the Dark Lands to join in, so they are fine as core choices.


Play as a siege game with the rules given below. One side plays as Chaos Dwarfs, defending the first level of the ziggurat (use the same rules as a castle). The rebellion force should have twice as many points as the Chaos Dwarfs.

Mounting the Walls

Any rebellion infantry units may have ladders to scale the walls. A unit may have one ladder for every full 15 models in the unit at the start of the game. No other units may have ladders.

A unit with a ladder at the base of the wall at the beginning of the movement phase may send up to four models up the ladder in the movement phase. If there are defenders at the ladder top, it counts as a charge and the defenders may make a charge reaction to these models (and not the rest of the unit) as normal.

Defending the Walls

Models at the top of a wall can be armed with siege defenses.

Boiling Oil (+15pts) - Place 3" template at the bottom of the wall, directly below the model. Models completely covered by the template are hit automatically, partially covered models are hit on 4+. Each hit is S4. One use only.

Boiling Water (+5pts) - As boiling oil but S2.

Molten Metal (+30pts) - As boiling oil but S5 and counts as a fire attack.

Battering Ram (+50pts)

Any infantry unit (not cavalry, monsters, chariots, etc) may be equipped with a single battering ram. They can be used against the ziggurat walls or doors. A unit can use the battering ram if they are against the walls or doors at the start of the combat phase. A battering ram automatically hits once in the combat phase with strength of the basic troop model +4. It causes D3+1 wounds.

The Ziggurat

Walls - T10 and W5

Doors - T8 and W5

Treat each as if they are a stationary unit, they can be charged and attacked. All attacks hit automatically. They count as a Large Target for shooting purposes. Each 6" section of wall (or another amount if that is more convenient) counts as a single object.


Score victory points in the normal way

In addition

Army Restrictions

Chaos Dwarfs

No greenskins of any kind.

May have +1 Lord choice in addition to normal allowances, even in armies <2000pts.

Bull Centaurs count as a Special choice.

New Special unit: Bolt Thrower (45pts), with two Chaos Dwarf crew with heavy armour, 1-2 count as a single choice

Rebellion force

Use Orcs & Goblins army book.

Must have 1+ unit of Black Orcs and the General must be a Black Orc.

May have Hobgoblin units from Chaos Dwarf list as Core choices, Sneaky Gits as Special choices.

Special units count as two Special choices, except for Black Orcs (one choice), Rock Lobbas (one choice), and Spear Chukkas (1-2 count as a single Special choice)

Rare units count as two Rare choices.

No more than 25 pts of magic items for heroes, or 50pts for lords. Wyverns are not allowed.

No Dogs of War


When playing the first game, have the walls stretch across the length of the battlefield. For subsequent games, reduce the length, adding corners. The walls represent the walls of a tower level, each one being smaller than the last as the rebellion climbs higher and closes in on the remaining Chaos Dwarfs.

Hobgoblins Treachary

In the last game, the Rebellion force player has only 80% of the normal points available. The other 20% is chosen by the Chaos Dwarf player. This is chosen like a small army using the normal army selection tables. It may only consist of Hobgoblin units chosen from the Chaos Dwarf army list (including Sneaky Gits and Bolt Throwers as Special choices like normal). This force is deployed by the Chaos Dwarf player, unit by unit, at the same time as he deploys a Chaos Dwarf unit, in the Rebellion force deployment zone. It does not have to be deployed in a single area, it may be spread out between other greenskin units. For all purposes, they count as part of the Chaos Dwarf army, except where mentioned below. The Hobgoblin units are controlled by the Chaos Dwarf player in their own turn before both the Rebellion force and Chaos Dwarfs have had a turn. Hobgoblin banners do not count towards the combat resolution if a Chaos Dwarf unit is involved in the same combat.


Tried to force the lists into ‘realistic’ army compositions.

Should things like Trolls, Giants and Ogres be banned from the Rebellion force?

The big uprising happened relatively a long time ago so should some tech more reduced?


I’d say allow trolls, ogres, giants, etc representing other slaves that have been swept up in the rebellion, but maybe put a limit on them so they don’t appear too much?

Fuggit Khan:

I'd say allow trolls, ogres, giants, etc representing other slaves that have been swept up in the rebellion, but maybe put a limit on them so they don't appear too much?

I was thinking the same thing, maybe assign overall percentages to slaves types.
These siege rules are cool Cornixt, I've always loved the old 4th edition era Warhammer Siege games