[Archive] Cover ideas


Right now i’ve been trying to work on ideas for on of the covers of our very own webzine. However I have a problem. I’m not sure what how I want the cover to look(composition and whats going on). So I turn to you chaos dwarf fans for your ideas. Here’s what I want I’ll be in turms of chaos dwarf units:

-Chaos dwarfs with great weapons

-Hobgoblins with bows and sneaky gits

-my metal Sorcerer(with kinda a new look)

Any ideas?


An entire regiment of CD warriors staring directly forward at the person viewing the cover.


are we looking for serious or comedic? you could make the sneaky gits doing something funny? or like, dog piled awaiting the commands of a CD or something?

I like archery though, include that! :wink:

Kera foehunter:

blunderbusses!!! in a line to fire !! at you as you look at the cover


Whatever you decide I would advise not showing it to the forum as a whole, strongly advise at that…


“You have failed me for the last time Dino…” asthma attack


Lol. So speaketh Lord Willmark…

If you want to have a good composition with a variety of troop types I would look at the dwarf armybook covers (either 6th or 7th ed). Both are well composed IMO.