[Archive] Crazy dream for tenderiser and whirlwind


It’s been many years since I’ve had a chaos dwarf dream.  But this was so strange it’s worthy of sharing!


The crazy idea I had was basically like a half daemon monster thing, imagine like an insect with a back on it like a ship, complete with a pirate ship style wheel helm.

At the front is a daemonic head that’s actually just all teeth and no face, this would be the part that rotates, and just behind this would be 8 blades on chains.  Each one different (hammer, hooks, mace, blades etc).


The closest analogy here is a squid.  Basically the same concept for the rear half above, but the tentacles are metal like the Black Kraken.   Like a daemon chariot squid.

What a crazy dream right!?


Not Crazy, maybe inspired?


Haha, Chaos Dwarf Demonic Pirates… Why not! :smiley:

Uther the unhinged:

Dang! Twisted minds think alike! For a long time I have lusted after Haruspex mouth parts for something similar. Then again I would love to put a cd howdah on a haruspex. For tenderiser replace front claws with rotating bladed like those in a blender. Ah well only 91/2 months to Christmas!


Great idea and would make an awesome idea for a Kadim Titan in the 9th Age