[Archive] Crazy Machines DS


Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone else has played this? I have got 1 puzzle left to do and cannot work it out… Have spent far too much time on this :frowning:

Level 97. Walls. if anyone knows it.



Hashut’s Blessing:

I played a demo of that game and it seemed fun, although it didn’t seem to explain how to do it very well. I had it on computer.

Regardless, didn’t get to that point in the hour that I had, lol :smiley: Why not search for a walkthrough?


I have tried and failed. Cannot find answers to this anywhere and it is really annoying me. Slaves to whoever can find the solution.


While I’ve never played the game, I did happen upon a forum that might interest you, if you haven’t found it yourself already:


There was at least one user there who had finished the game and they seem to be quite helpful to anyone who needs a hint.