[Archive] Crazy sports survey: Which sport would be improved by unicycles


Yes, you read that right. What sport would be best improved by contestants being required to be on unicyles… and why?


hehehe … all of them!

but my favs are golf (lets make the rich bastards sweat), boxing (just the pure thought is hilarious) and soccer (for obvious reasons)!


I’d love to see boxing with unicycles, that’d be hilarious xDD

Anyways, in terms of improvement, I’d say fencing… that sport, in competition level, needs so badly something to improve it, it’s all like “I slightly touched you with the tip of my blade for a fraction of a second, you lose!”… At least with unicycles they’d have to try harder to attack the enemy! OR… you could always insert your rapier in the opponent’s wheel :wink:

IMO of course :stuck_out_tongue:


More of an outdoor activity than a sport, but it’d be interesting to watch Canyoning with unicycles,too:


Fencing, can’t wait to see the accidents :slight_smile:


Fencing, can't wait to see the accidents
Lol burst tyres.

I'd like to see a rugby scrum on unicycles.


Rugby would be next to impossible on unicycles lol. Although come to think of it Baggronor, your avatar doesn’t half remind me of the Welsh front row!


Golf… yes, I would actually watch it if they were on unicycles


Come to think of it, if Thierry Henry had been on a unicycle he couldn’t have pulled off that dirty bit of cheating and Ireland would have been at the world cup… I’m writing to FIFA!


Well, would fencing just turn into jousting on unicycles?


Bobsled would be awesome on unicycles.


Since many freerunners treat their own sport as being: “Who is the most insane daredevil?” They could begin going nuts on unicycles as well.