[Archive] Create a Dawi Zharr Regiment of Renown Mini Contest Winner!


We have a winner!

Thommy H took the prize with the most votes for his entry (which was number 5 BTW). This should come as no surprise to anyone who reads the Word of Hashut that #5 was his entry as found here: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=7029

So what does he and everyone win?

- For all those who entered and are not Staff: 7 slaves for their personal collection

- Thommy H’s entry will be featured in the Word of Hashut- #8 as it is only fitting, considering the origin of the Regiment of Renown. In addition to the rules I will be directing my crack team or artist (or at least one of them) to create a cool piece of art to go along with the entry.

The remaining entries may feature in at a later time in the Word of Hashut so stay tuned for that, of course it may take several issues to get through them. They might also feature in Gold and Glory @ Dogs of War Online so stay tuned there as well.

Entry 1- Piter Molatov and the Fire Guard- Bilbo Baggins 2nd Place

Entry 2- Blackhand�?Ts Daemonhunters- Baggronor Tie- 3rd place

Entry 3- Bharka�?Ts Berserkers- Cornixt

Entry 4- Tersi�?Tglock�?Ts Artillerists dncswlf

Entry 5- Luca Gozzadini and Khazharn Firestorm- Thommy H 1st Place

Entry 6- Khazrak�?Ts Bull Brothers- Grimstonefire Tie- 3rd place

Entry 7- Grahthnarh�?Ts Furies - Hashut�?Ts Blessing

Thanks everyone for the entries and good work all around. 7 entries for a mini contest is great and the Word of Hashut will be better off for it.


Thommy H:

I can has medal?

Also, I’d like some input on the artwork, if that’s okay :slight_smile:


Congratulations Thommy! Very good work. :slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Great work Thommy! !


Grats Thommy :slight_smile:

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I can has medal?

Thommy H
Nope no medal for this, those are for the big guys, namely GH and AC. Plus I didn't state medals in the post announcing the contest.
Also, I'd like some input on the artwork, if that's okay :)

Thommy H
Perhaps, once I figure out who is doing it.

Thommy H:

Fine, I’ll make my own :mad

Oh, and thanks to everyone who voted for my entry! I made it obvious it was mine in order to cash in on my popularity!

(That isn’t true).


I don’t even remember a voting thread.


I don’t want to remember it.


Nor do I - CDO can unfortunately get ugly sometimes :frowning:

And then congrats to Thommy - and to the rest that entered this one - you did great.

About presentation i WoH - how about Thommy did some miniatures to represent the characters himself? Not that artwork wouldn’t be great - but this is a miniature hobby, you know :slight_smile:


I could have guessed who did 4 of those entries.  Well done Thommy, your background part was a lot more interesting than mine.


If they are to feature in gold and glory it would be an idea to get more constructive feedback for balancing. Mine I would need to adjust the BS, and possibly improve the fluff a bit.


YEah, maybe we should do some playtesting… ha! I’d like to try to play against mine a few times… I thought I built in some weaknesses… but never played using them either… I really liked all of them, and I think it’s great we all wrote about different things! I thought it was fun!


Congratulations Tommy.

I figured when I made mine it would be one of the most odd entries, luckily some people like odd. Others well, I won’t go into the voting thread. :smiley:


Grats Tommy

I could guess some already aswell on beforehand, like Grims BC with handcannons =]

Good work all, and if I can find the time to join such a minicontest next time I will.

To bad I had this great idea of an anvil of doom like RoR band which sing songs about Hashut and battles and such just a little to late :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Might still work the idea out though.

Keep these kinds of contests coming, great fun to read what people come up with.


My favourite - “Blackhand�?Ts Daemonhunters” - is only 3rd winner … :expressionless:

… but never mind! :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations to the winners and all participants! :cheers


Thommy H:

I voted for that one too.


My favourite - "Blackhand�?Ts Daemonhunters" - is only 3rd winner ...
I voted for that one too.
Thank ye for the votes :) I voted for Luca and Khazarn. I'd be happy to do the art for them if no one else is lined up for it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, congratulations, Thommy H and well done to everyone else.

GSF: I’m curious as to which entry you thought belonged to which member…

Lastly, before mine is entered into WoH (if it ever is), I would like to rectify some of its rules, as I admit to it being somewhat unbalanced due to a lack of thought before posting it, lol :smiley:


hm, no Bull Brothers? Okay, honor to who deserves it, congratulation Tommy! :hat off You know what’s next, you have to build your two anti heroes, that would be cool ^^