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Thommy H:

Khathakh Daemonheart: Master of Hell�?Ts Forge

Daemon�?Ts Stump, the dread fortress in the east of the Howling Wastes is home to the fearsome Daemon Binders who manufacture the magical devices that contain Bound Daemons as well as the terrifyingly powerful Possessed War Machines. The fortress is regarded with suspicion and distrust by most Chaos Dwarfs, for the Daemon Binders are thought to be extremely dangerous and insane, toying with powers that are too unpredictable to control �?" even for the masters of industry and slavery themselves. No Daemon Binder is distrusted more in the outside world, nor respected within Daemon�?Ts Stump, than Khathakh Daemonheart who rules over the area of the fortress known as Hell�?Ts Forge. In this dark smithy the Hellcannon was first perfected in the form it is best known and the mighty Daemon Prince Drz�?Tkyath�?Tn was bound forever into Bazhrakk�?Ts black axe. Khathakh presided over all these dark rituals, aided by his unique powers which he owes to his monstrous invention �?" a heart of gromril inside his living chest that contains the essences of four Bound Daemons in each of its chambers. How Khathakh can have survived the process of replacing his actual heart is unknown, but now his body pulses with the Chaos energy of his slaves, each serving a different Chaos Power and constantly warring with one another while the Master of Hell�?Ts Forge cackles madly, pondering over his next insane, daemon-powered invention.

Khathakh is the Master of Hell�?Ts Forge, one of the most famous (or possibly infamous) of all Daemon Binders. He may be included in your army as a Hero choice and must be used exactly as described below. No additional equipment or magic items may be taken.


3 4 3 3(4) 4 2(3) 2(3) 2 9

Points: 230

Hand weapon.

Armour: Heavy armour.


Khathakh is a Level 2 wizard. He may use either the Fire, Metal, Shadow or Death lores from the Warhammer rulebook. Alternatively, he may use the lores of Tzeentch, Nurgle or Slaanesh (see Warhammer Armies: Hordes of Chaos).


See Daemon Binder.


The Daemonheart

Khathakh has replaced his heart with a device of his own invention: a gromril heart with a daemon imprisoned in each of its chambers. His very lifeblood is infused with daemonic energies and, in an act of supreme skill, Khathakh has bound daemons from rival Chaos Gods to give himself immense power �?" albeit considerable risk to his health and sanity.

The Daemonheart contains daemons of Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh and gives Khathakh the following abilities: +1 S, +1 W, +1 I (included in profile above) and allows him to select an additional spell (but does not increase his magic level). In addition, Khathakh gains a 5+ Ward save that may not be used against magical attacks, is Immune to Psychology, causes fear and his attacks count as magical.

However, the Daemonheart is a very dangerous device, for the entities imprisoned within it are constantly warring with one another and, given the slightest opening, will destroy each other in an orgy of infernal violence. Khathakh must take a Leadership test at the start of every turn. If the test is failed, roll a D6 on the following chart:

D6 Result

1-2: The daemons attack one another, but they remain evenly matched still and equilibrium is retained. There are no ill-effects.

3-4: The daemons rage against their prison, attack their master. Khathakh suffers a Strength 5 hit, with no Saves of any kind possible.

5: The daemons lash out in their fury, causing Khathakh to lose a wound with no Saves of any kind possible.

6: The daemons rip their way from their prison, destroying Khathakh in a grotesque conflagration of Chaos energy. Khathakh is killed instantly with no Save of any kind allowed, and any model in base contact suffers a Strength 5 hit.