[Archive] Creations from the depths of CDO?


Been thinking of that we lack a collected display of models created by our members. This might have been discussed before, but if that’s the case its just me turning into an old man and going into loops…

During the years we have had a lot of members creating and casting  miniatures and their take on evil dwarf related models. And yes, they are still available though the forum of you look in the relevant threads. But I was thinking more of a sticky presentation thread. With first post by admin stating to aim of the thread, and then each member who’ve had something cast creating ONE post underneath, showcasing their work and if available where to find them. Preferably the thread would be clear of members comments and just kept as a collected showcase of the years gone by and what’s been done.

The reason for not having other comments there would be to keep it clean and easy to view peoples creations. Similar to the wiki, but that hasn’t been updated in a while. So this might be a light version to complete it.

My thought was models, since thats where my main part of the hobby is. But sure there could as well be one thread collecting the Rules by members and one of the Lore written by members. Where each member who wants can keep one post to update with links to stories and maybe a short description or sections for theme etc. Like a thread of “roadsigns” for all the stuff floating around here. :stuck_out_tongue:

So the suggestion would be:

  • Models cast and created by CDO

  • Rules created by CDO

  • Lore created by CDO

I think this might be a good way to display the creativeness among our members. Would this be of interest? :hat off


Good idea! I’ve been planning to write up a summary “Treasures of CDO” sticky thread for new members to find all the compilation threads quickly. This might be a better way of approaching it

For the Introductions & CDO Information section. The_Penguin proposed we update it with some meatier stuff.

Any further ideas for how to do this, before diving into it?