[Archive] Cross using with new Mortals list


I’ll have some sort of basing system where I can put Chaos Dwarfs on the bigger bases, while keeping the smaller bases for when they are true Chaos Dwarfs.

What do people think of using them for Forsaken perhaps? Alternately I might use them for as mortals or chosen. However I want to use my 5th edition Chaos Warriors as my chosen.

However with all the Blues and such that I use, I guess if I used Chaos Dwarfs for Forsaken or what have you I’d be using the Mark of Tzeentch.

I might also use my Bull Centaurs for Chaos knights.

I’m normally a Nurgle fan, but… if I ended up using Chaos Dwarfs mixed with Marauders… I may go Tzeentch or a mix of marks.

I’m liking the new Mortals list rules wise, and I do love some of the Chaos figures… but I want to stay true to my Chaos Dwarfs.


Ive had a brief read through the Warriors of Chaos armylist and yes, the cogs were turing on how to use Chaos Dwarfs with the list, sadly ill miss the blunderbusses but at least I can build up some Whirlwinds and Tenderisers to treat as chariots :hat off

Also with most of the wargear created by the Chaos Dwarfs I could make a really fluffy armylist :slight_smile:

I would use the warriors of chaos army just in case the opponent doesn’t allow me to use the Chaos Dwarfs (apparently I have to ask permission to use Chaos Dwarfs at my local Games Workshop now…)


Why not just take an alliedcontingent of chaos dwarfs with your warriors or vice versa?