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I have realised that the pile of models in my cupboard is actually depressing me, and will, in all likelihood, never get painted, so it�?Ts time for me to �?~rationalise�?T my collection and send them to new, loving homes. I�?Tm not after much in the way of trades at the moment; it�?Ts mainly hard cash please.

I accept PayPal, cheques, or Cash (at your own risk). Models will only be sent once payment has cleared.

All models are current edition unless otherwise stated.

Pictures available on request.

Prices don�?Tt include postage, which will be at cost unless stated. Prices aren�?Tt set in stone, so feel free to make an offer, especially on larger amounts. The worst I can do is say no :slight_smile:

I am more than happy to send to anywhere in the world, however you would have to pay postage. I will provide a quote upfront, and stick to it.

Preference is to sell these as lots, but I will sell individually. This first post will be kept up to date with sales

Items in Orange are pending…

Trade references �?" eBay | Warseer | Dogs of War Online | Chaos Dwarfs Online

Anyway, here�?Ts the list of what I have…

State of models

NIB = Sealed in box or blister

Boxed = Brand new, but no shrink wrap

NOS = New on sprue �?" no box

UP/UA = Unpainted and unassembled �?" new but no box, clipped from sprue

Ass = Assembled

P/Ass = Part Assembled

UC Undercoated

Str = Stripped

Ptd = Painted

PP = Part painted

Other damage etc will be noted separately.

Limited Editions

1 WD in Space Ltd Ed �?" NIB (£25)


1 Skulltaker on foot �?" Str (£7)


12 BfSP Miners (inc Command) �?" UP/UA (£5)

1 Box Grudgethrower �?" NIB (£13)

1 Dwarf Lord with Shieldbearers �?" NIB (£10)

8 Warriors UP/UA (£5)

Or all the Dwarves for £30 including postage


1 Griffon Standard �?" NIB (£5)

1 Griffon Standard �?" UP/UA (£4)

10 Handgunners �?" UP/UA (£10 each)

1 Grand Master of the White Wolf �?" UP/UA (£4)


1 Slann Mage Priest �?" UP/UA (£14)

4 Saurus w/Spears �?" Ass (£3)

Orcs & Goblins

10 Orc Warriors (with shields on sprue) �?" Ass (£6)

1 Borgut �?" P/Ass, Str (£5)

2 Spear Chukkas �?" P/Ass, Str (1 x missing a handle) (£15)

1 Skarsnik & Gobbla �?" P/Ass (base stuck to base, that�?Ts it!) (£10)

2 BfSP Shaman �?" UC (£1)

1 Metal Night Goblin Shaman (This one [/url]) �?" Str �?" (£4)

1 Orc Boar Boy (last edition metal) (£2)


4 Leadbelchers �?" UP/UA (£10)

10 Bulls �?" 1xUP/UA, 5xAss, 4 UC or PP (£20)

Warriors of Chaos

5 Warhounds �?" UP/UA  (£5)

5 Warhounds �?" Ass (£4)

5 Chaos Knights �?" Ass (£8)

1 Nurgle Sorcerer �?" NIB (blister is slightly squashed at the bottom) (£4)

Or all Warriors of Chaos for £20 Free UK P&P

Other stuff

WH40K Squad Command game (DS-US version, never played, works on all DS) (£5)

Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box (DS-Excellent condition) (£22)

And the few bits I want…

3 x Wood Elf Great Eagle ([/url])

1 Wood Elf Lord with Bow (

All must be unpainted, and unassembled (although the lord could be undercoated…)

Or, new Dark Eldar stuff, new in box :slight_smile: I’ll happily trade for a few boxes of new dark eldar goodness :slight_smile:

Phew, that�?Ts it I think. Any questions, drop me a PM



I’d like:

AOW Orc Lord

Black Coach


AOW Bor Dragonbane

I may also want the Black Orcs. Are any of them the current Black Orcs (plastics) or are they all the older metal ones?

PS sent also.


I am interested in 3x O&G fanatics as well as the following Empire stuff, pending pictures of the stuff highlighted.

1 Warrior Priest �?" NIB (£4)

1 Box Pistoliers / Outriders �?" NIB (£8)

1 Box Helblaster / Helstorm �?" NIB (£10)

1 Box Wizards �?" NIB (£10)


PMs replied to, post updated


would like :

2 Box Flagellants �?" NIB (£10 each)

sending PM


1st post updated with sold items, plenty still available folks :slight_smile:


1st post updated - some items removed, some marked pending, some added…

Have a look and make me an offer :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

I’ll take that Green Knight off your hands. And the Zombies, actually.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Damn ye, Thommy H :smiley:

Are the 8 Dwarf Warriors 6th, 7th or BfSP edition?


Good question HB… I think they’re 7th… They are certainly not BfSP ones.

They have 2 part bodies (Legs, then bodies with head) separate arm, weapon (hammers/hand axes) and shields if that’s any use. (Oh, and 1 head/body part has been undercoated I’ve just noticed…)


Good question HB... I think they're 7th... They are certainly not BfSP ones.

They have 2 part bodies (Legs, then bodies with head) separate arm, weapon (hammers/hand axes) and shields if that's any use. (Oh, and 1 head/body part has been undercoated I've just noticed...)

Yep those are 7th edition dwarves.


Thanks Shakhorth :slight_smile:

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Hashut’s Blessing:

Do the legs have the back of the body attached or does it all stop at the belt line (in a sort of egg-cup manner)? If they have the torso’s back, they are 7th and if they are egg-cup legs, they’re 6th :smiley:

P.S. Thanks for the quick reply.


They have the body going up at the back - so I think they must be 7th Ed…

Hashut’s Blessing:

They sure are. Thanks nonetheless! Sorry to drop out on that count.


Still some bits left… a few bits I’m looking for in trade now (Wood Elves and Dark Eldar)

Anything left will be on eBay in the next couple of weeks (ie, as soon as I get the time off work to actually list the things ;))


Just to say that all items not sold (ie paid for) will be placed on eBay on Thursday 4th November 2010…

Once listed, I don’t end auctions early, so if you want anything before then, please let me know…


All Items now on eBay - Linky