[Archive] Custom Resin Hats?

Aunt Acid:

I got 2 Battalions of Ogre Kingdoms I’m going to convert into a chaos dwarf armed OK army.  I like the OK army but the models are boring.

Also how do I have to cut up CD models in order to get the hats?  I don’t know how to do the resin casting, nor do I want to learn, but I REALLY don’t want to cut OOP models.  What do I do about that?


Hello, if you do not want to cut old miniatures or cast hats there is plenty of solutions in this website!

1) the most difficult way, sculpt them! You can sculpt your own hats in order to match your favourite taste. I do it with mine :slight_smile:

Check my blog:


2) Tjub’s way! Use pins as a basis for your hats, it’s an easy and really effective way to create some of the best hats ever seen :slight_smile:

It’s so effective to become a classic :smiley:


3) Warriors of Chaos sprues, marauders’ sprues are plenty of pieces that could be converted into hat, I remmeber the drum… really effective.

4) you have ogre sprues… dunno remmeber where in this website but there was a guy that made fantastic hats with the ogre’s weapons…

If you like Ogres in a Chaos Dwarf fashion… I think you already know the best ever:


Enjoy, Bassman :slight_smile:


Go tjub!!

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Yep, look to Tjub. His pin based hats are awesome… although saying that Nitro’s hat are excellent too.

A look round the forums will give you tons of inspiration I’m sure!



Thanks guys…



My blog is there, thanks for the hod for the hats :smiley:

Aunt Acid:

I found those Chaos Dwarf Ogre’s in my searches. Truly fantastic. I’m going to take a slightly different approach with mine. I understand it’s grey area to “sell” resin hat copy but would someone perhaps want to trade me for some? I have about 15-20 bare dwarf bodies off the sprue I was going to convert to chaos dwarfs. I really want to use the OOP hats not sculpt my own.


best thing then is to buy a single CD warrior off eBay, then get the bit of hat you want via clippers.

Then i would investigate via google the principle of green stuff casting, say:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwzJkE2gKhA

Of course we don’t condone copying of copy write material, but we do on occasion discuss it.

Aunt Acid:

Yes I understand that for all the legal reasons and whatnot so if someone wants to continue that conversation via email and off of CD online PM me for email. I really would appreciate it if someone helped me out. I’m not looking to cast (whether GS or resin) anything at the moment.


Just to highlight on behalf of the staff:

"Chaos Dwarfs Online in no way condones the illegal reproduction of copywrighted material or intellectual property belonging to other parties."

Your legal options are:

a) Bite the bullet and sculpt your own hats.

b) Splash out on the OOP big hats and use those.

No one on this site can reproduce GW models (or parts thereof) for any sort of material gain, be it financial or as part of a trade. If they did we would reluctantly have to ban them. We have had issues with GW Legal before and have no wish to repeat them.

Let me finish by saying it really is worth having a go at making your own - your conversion skills will improve no end and it’s that bit more rewarding.


What I want to know is why no one has made their own designs for Big Hats, sculpted them and then cast them for sale. Lots of styles to choose from and there’s more than a few peeps who could use them.


What I want to know is why no one has  made their own designs for Big Hats, sculpted them and then cast them for sale. Lots of styles to choose from and there's more than a few peeps who could use them.

Fear of the Dark. (read: GW)

And I guess when you are sculpting most of the stuff yourself buying hats might not seem worth it. The economics of producing the hats can be questioned as well.