[Archive] custom sculpting rates?



Does anyone know the average cost (if there is such a thing!) for producing a custom sculpted miniature?

I realize that all sculptors would charge different rates, etc… and that it would be based on the complexity and size of the model, but I’m curious to know what the cost would be for an average human-sized (25-28mm) model.

Anyone have any vague ideas about what this would cost?

Thanks for sharing your insight!


Here’s a thread on the subject on TMP. I think the poster got flamed a bit, either there or on frothers for some stupid comments, and I haven’t re-read it since I first saw it, but I think you may find your answer in there.


Thanks for the link - very informative!!


Know the thread and loved the read! :slight_smile:

I also had some research into it too and found out that it’s not a very set in stone answer. Although most people instantly yell 10$ a mm is standard it more really has to do with which sculptor you are going for and what he’ll ask for it. He will want to know the complexity of the sculpt, size, time line etc… So if you want a simple sculpt with not too much detail and are in no hurry of receiving it then you  probably get a better price than when the sculpt you want is full of intricate detailing and needs to be done asap.


Know the thread and loved the read! :)

Haha I agree! That was a very interesting read. Economics and miniatures, my two favourites combined in one thread. Season with a bit of drama and foul language.:D


Wow :o Bit of an eye-opener.

Interesting how the problems facing sculptors appear to mirror the problems facing illustrators so well; pricing your work is like plucking a number out of the air and there’s always some fool willing to do it for next to nothing.

I was offered £125 for a sculpt by Hasslefree, which came as a surprise at the time so I was quite happy. Then I thought about it a bit and, considering how long a sculpt takes and the fact they would own it completely, decided it was rubbish and started my own site. I make nearly that for a day at work for christ’s sake, a decent sculpt and all its potential is worth far more than that.

Anyone who bases a quote upon some formula based on the size of the figure or how difficult it is should probably rethink their method imo. Its the same as with art; charge for what you’re worth, not what they want. You’ve got to be ready to lose the job if you want to make a living in the long run.


I learned a lot as well reading that thread - mostly that miniature sculptors don’t get paid enough, or the ‘market will bear’ price for sculpting services is too low for most people to make a living doing it.

Like most ‘creative’-oriented professions, sadly.