[Archive] D.Smith Equipment


Hey all,

Got a game tonight, and I can’t settle on how to equip my D.Smith. The plan is to drop him back by the warmachines while also being a scroll caddy. To this end, what do you normally spend the remaining magic item alotment on?

Any help is mucho appreciated!


I usually play with a level 4 Propheth and a level 1 daemonsmith.

The DS usually have the dispel scroll and the charmed shield, or just the chalice of darkness if the Prophet has the lore of Hashut…

hope this helps :wink:


jup, Charmed shield and a dispel scroll…

richard barby:

I find less is more with them they core the earth already use your look out sir to keep him alive and put the points in to other areas with chaos dwarfs you never have enough points to go round for everything. he is going to be carrying the chalice or the scroll I assume so I don’t think you need to invest any more points in to the little guy. blog has a good point however if your level 4 is tucked up inside a unit of infernal guard he wont need the charmed shield so if you have the points stick it on your level1


Why do you even give him a charmed shield? Your BSB or Lvl4 can benefit from that so much more. Its not like you don’t get a 2+ look out sire near warmachines already. If your worried about cannons its going to snipe both you and the machine anyway, if he lives and the machine dies that arse barkwards. You want machine around till bitter end, he can go once the shelling is over or scroll is used up. IE hes not worth saving with too much gear because of how low his points are compared to the others. If you want to use a charmed shield give it to a khan on a wolf and don’t give him heavy armour. He might survive the firing phase long enough to make contact.