[Archive] Daemon-powered Golem


Over at troll forge I’m working on this guy:


Did some concept doodles…

Started the legs… they still need some work.

Detail wise I’m looking at the Bloodcrusher and the modern CD cannon crew as inspiration. I’m just looking to get some input. Thanks.


Almost exactly what i’m aiming to do, I love the idea that the golem is a husk, and you possess it with a demon to get it going.

Something I ended up doing and binning was that I built the legs, then reaised i’d made a pair of large space marine legs. Stear away from that, that way madness lies.


The legs I think are just standard armored greeves, the marine look happens when you make the bottom half of that leg armor too bulked. Avoiding the marine look is also why I gave him toes instead of just a boot.

My mechanical notion of how it work is that while their is a daemon controlling it the locomotion is still “steam” powered… CD aren’t stupid enough not to have an off swtich… but that the steam engine generates the heat from the Daemon jar strapped to the back. The daemons that attempt to escape their walking prison create the heat.

Yeah if this turns out well enough, I may submit it to TFM to sell. We’ll see.


Looks pretty awesome to me! Can’t wait to see more!


Western Dwarves have alot of runic patterns emblazzened on their cannons and weapons. Do CD have any equivalent common “patterns?”


Most will tell you that their languages are the same, and so the same characters can be used.

The only definitively Chaos Dwarf “rune” (if you can call it that) is what we refer to as the [[Rune of Hashut]].


Ok. No worries then.

One more picture to kinda show the green layered with the concept.


ohh this is looking very neat, looking forward to seeing more :hat off


Just to clarify if this turns out well enough, I’m going to submit it to Troll Forge miniatures for casting. Since it isn’t a direct GW thing, that means it would be available to the public. So its just one more reason I’d like you’re feed back. There can be a lot of hang ups before then and this is my first real effort to try and submit to them.

The plan is to make the part break down: Torso, Legs, Left and Right Arm, 3x Head options, 2x Weapon options. The head would be a “masked” head, a “demon” face, and a dwarf/humanoid sculptural face. I plan on making the mounting feature easily modified to accept “Defiler” masks/heads… so that will be a simple conversion for people who want more than just the three heads. On the weapons, I’m pretty sure one will be a big ax, that would be a hand and a half length weapon for the golem. I had a friend take some brass and knurl the handle portions of them, so I’ll be able to start scultping the weapons.

The second weapon, I haven’t really figured out. I drew a pick ax and I thought that a hammer or mace could work as well. Any suggestions?


A HUGE hammer plz… That would look really nice. Perhaps something resembling a steam drill? Or something ranged?


Steam drills and ranged weapons, though cool, I’d put out side the scope of this. Maybe as an add-on a daemonic blunderbuss of a “large” size would work. The drill… well that sounds like a bit of a siege/mining thing…

A hammer is definitely more of a dwarven weapon than the others I listed… I’d just need to make sure it look distinctively “evil” dwarve instead of “imperial” dwarf.


True a steam drill is a bit mining/siege like. But I got BioShock in mind… Should be ‘evil’ enough for ya. :slight_smile:



I know about big daddy, I’m really trying to avoid steam punk as much as possible. My mind set is evil Dwarves should not be steam punk… they should be “daemon punk.” I’m drawing mostly from a setting where magical innovation is as important as technological innovation… Their magic is daemons and thier technology is bounding of those daemons to constructs to render those wild forces more controlable. If I were to make something like a drill I would favor a cross between a tunneler and a grinder… it’d probably look a bit like the bigger wheels of the hellcannon but with more “teeth”.