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In another thread i explained that im going to make some cd terrain such as daemons stump but i also thought of some rules like in scenarios that icould somehow improve my cd sorceres or something by having it there.Or have it boost its killing power as in the daemons book a bloodthirster is imprisoned in it.:hashut

Thommy H:

Isn’t Daemon’s Stump a whole mountain with a fortress on top or something? That’s going to be some terrain piece…

Kera foehunter:

sound great when you get your rules done could you please share


I think I am going to update the Wiki entry for the [[Daemon’s Stump]].


As an aside, the new Daemons of Chaos army book mentions the Daemon’s Stump.

Apparently some Ogre chieftain imprisoned a Daemon under the Daemon’s Stump (hence how it acquired it’s name).


A cool idea for a battle…

Have daemon stump as objective in the middle of the table.

Special rules: all units within 8 inches of daemon stump are effected by frenzy even if immune to psychology


That is a pretty interesting idea for battle, would there be some special rule for the game that allows for trying to release the blood thirster for advantage? Or maybe the blood thirster could break out on a random turn determined by dice rolls and attack random units?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Deebo, that sounds cool, but you’d have to come up with fluff as to why its prison had been weakened, if they were trying to free it, have some rules for that. I’d say it’s so big, you’d only be able to use as background scenery (I.E. A table edge) or in Legendary Battles games. You can craft it to be good for siege games as well, use the actualy mountain as cover etc and high ground. Instead of frenzy, why not magic resisitance? Maybe one or t’other? You’d have to decide with your opponents…


Ahhh yess a seige scenario! I was reading in the Siege book how you can make different types of castle terrain for your armies e.g the wood elves having living tree fortresses and the Chaos Dwarfs and Dwarfs having mountains, so we would just need to make a large mountain and have the towers and ramparts around it and a gate section blocking off the main tunnel into the mountain.

This has so much potential!! I will see if I can write something up and get it posted, maybe others could get writting also and we could compare. :cheers