[Archive] Daemonsmith - Immune To Pychology Rule Clarification

Wolf :

Hi all,

Just a quick rule clarification, I was playing against a really nice guy who was running an O&G army (great paint job :P), anyway I had my Daemonsmith in a unit of Infernal Guard with Fire Glaives.

He charged the unit with a Wolf Chariot if I recall, anyway it came to my charge reaction. He said as my Daemonsmith is immune to pyschology, therefore my charge reaction has to be hold :sick, therefore I can not elect to stand and shoot ;P.

Is this correct?



I haven`t the rulebook here but I read this rule a few days ago.


(a) The unit is only immune to psychology if the majority of the models has “immune to psychology”. This means the IG are not immune to psychology.

((b) Apart from that I think you could choose charge reactions as normal. Maybe you thought of “frenzy”?)


TheHoodedMan is right so far as I know. Don’t have the rulebook here either, but this is the way we’ve played Daemonsmiths on tournaments I’ve attended. And since I’m lousy with rules, the occassion to look them up on tourneys will arise sure as night follows day.


The majority of the unit must have immune to psychology. Even so you would still have access to “stand and shoot” aswell as “hold your ground”

Wolf :

Thanks all for the clarification, I’m goign to a Tournament this Sunday so nice to have it clear in my own mind.


You can choose any reaction besides to flee