[Archive] Daemonsmith or slavemaster (indy list)


So in 7th edition Daemonsmiths were a level 1 wizard with a boundspell and an okay fighter. Under the 8th edition errata however daemonsmiths lose their wizard level and bound spell and instead get an improved Daemon Weapon Bound Daemon table. Now compared to the slavemaster they get more points to invest in items and the possibility of having more attacks, but on average it looks like a slavemaster is just a strictly better buy.

Slavemasters are cheaper, already have most of the stats the bound weapon can buy, can buy a magic weapon if you want and no possibility they are going suck in a game (unlike the 1/6 chance the daemonsmith might roll a 1 on their weapon). So am I missing something that makes the new daemonsmith any good?


I haven’t used a daemonsmith yet as they just didn’t seem value for points. BUT I haven’t had enough big games to justify my opinion in any fashion yet.

richard barby:

they havent moved over very well from 7th to 8th they where ok in 7th but a bit of a waste in 8th loseing there bound spell

however if you want to take one to hold a scroll and some other anti magic stuff if your not taking a mage lord then you can give them scroll and a helm and hide them in a unit somewhere there not a bad option