[Archive] Daemonsmith sorcerers

Ceann Fine:

I run two of these bad boys at the board edge babysitting my warmachines and I’m not sure what lores to take for them, any advice? If it is of any consequence they are a level 1 and a level 2

Grimbold Blackhammer:

If they’re hiding in the back, you want a lore that provides range. So that leaves Metal of Fire.


i really like metal on my level 1’s and 2’s. fast high armor save units (i.e. grif knights, khorne juggers, steam tank, etc) give me the fits. Searing doom gives these units a killer headache, so it helps immensely.

Glimpse the Void:

I have had fantastic luck with the lore of death. Casting a 24" soul blight to give -1 str and toughness means your war machines own face regardless of the target and really throws hand to hand combat in your favor. There numbers mean nothing when they can’t hut you due to naturally high toughness and weapon skill, their low strength, and how hard something like a fire glaive hits an opponent with -1 tough.

Lately, I am considering switching my level 4 to the lore of metal or hashut just to try something new.

Also, agree with what was said about range and the lore of fire. A level one with fire ball is a great tool. I also like rolling flaming sword on that guy.

What are you thoughts on best uses of a level 4? How good is the lore of Hashut and do you guys loose any friends over it? I try and stay clear of some of the toys that are making the biggest stink right now (Kdaii and the chalice).