[Archive] Daemonsmiths. In or out of main block?


I have 27 IG w/ GW, A lvl4, lvl1, and BSB. I also have one of each deathshreiker and magma cannon. Would it be advisable to keep the characters in the main block, or have the lvl1 babysit the warmachines?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Depends upon the enemy you are facing but it is generally a good idea to spread your points out. You don’t want a Dwellers Below/Purple Sun/whatever to sink half your army in one casting.


I find that if I do any warmachines in a list that the cost goes up by at least 120pts. Why 120? Simple thats a lvl 1 with a dispel scroll baby sitting the warmachine. Dont want to over load the lord in points so he stays kinda on the cheap and have a engineer to baby sit those very costly warmachines, when your paying up to 200 or more points for a machine you must take every effort you can to ensure no missfire.


Why even bother bringing a 2nd sorcerer if you are not going to put them near your warmachines?


I havent got that many CD games in my backpack, but I agree with Bolg. Imho, they are scroll caddies and warmachine rerollers :slight_smile:


WE already have a pretty kick ass wizard lord with nasty spells. I have 1 daemonsmith for my 2 deathshriekers with a Dispel scroll.

I found most/all spell dice can be used by your lord so why have a level 2 to baby sit your Warmachines?

Fuggit Khan:

Why even bother bringing a 2nd sorcerer if you are not going to put them near your warmachines?

Agreed...the second sorceror should not be viewed as a 'sorceror' so much, but rather thought of as a 'master engineer' to hang out with your war machines. I would not bother with a level 2 daemonsmith, just go with a level 1...his ability to re-roll is what you want.


Cheers for the advice chaps. Looks like I’ll be bumping block up to 28.


I can find only 1 reason to make the engineer sitter a level 2. I run my engineer as a lore of death caster, that plus 2 to level of casting on the signature of spirit leach would be handy. I have failed the 10+ on the 24 inch many times. But would I pay the 35pts to be a level 2? No as its a point starved army, if I had more points then fine but as it stands? No.

Glimpse the Void:

Can they take death at lvl 2? Also, I can see two roles on lore of metal being neat though I haven’t tried it. I can’t bring myself past the level 1 on fire with dispel scroll to throw whatever size fireball you need. That spell is so good…


I take two Lvl1s, one on Fire and one on Metal or Death. Charmed Shield, Enchanted Shield, Dispel Scroll are the usual things for them. They stay out with the machines. Bargain for what they do.

I also sometimes make the Death guy a lvl 2 as Death is so good. Doom and Darkness is awesome, as is Soulblight.


Keep them with the war machines, i usually take lvl 1 fire with scroll and the ruby ring. why have one fireball when you can have 2 :hat off