[Archive] Dark Eldar 2nd wave


If I was to start a 40K army - DE will certainly be the army. Most interesting miniature line from GW in a long time:

Now up for advanced order :wink:



I liking what I see, nice to see some weirder warp beasts


I love the fact with the new dark eldar that female faces look actualy female. GW have struggled to do that since Chris FitzPatrick sculpted that female sorceress that has upon her base Morathi. I know I bash GW but they have done a lot of good work lately with their plastics and metal dark eldar. I hope it continues to this standard from now on till we get more generic primary colour troopers again

Blue in VT:

:hat off

Yeah…I’ve been pretty impressed with the Recent DE releases too…and these are equally bad a$$…and seriously creepy!




The second one down will make a great rat ogre with a head swap.

Da Crusha:

I like the dogs, Im trying to think of what I would use them for… maybe a doomwolf with a head swap. they sure are nasty, maybe they would make good chaos hounds.

the top one looks like a slaanesh hero on a tzeentch disc.

Thommy H:

I really wish the Clawed Fiend still looked like this:

Just because the phrase “it’s the big furry thing with the claws” is the funniest ‘in universe’ 40K comment ever. These are still nice models though. I particularly like the symmetry with the Beastmaster’s mask and the chitinous faces of the Fiend and the Khymera. More than any other GW range, these new Dark Eldar really feel like a culture that a lot of thought has gone into. Jes Godwin has always been good at putting in those little world-building details into his models, and the benefits of giving him such free reign to develop his ideas with the Dark Eldar are pretty clear.


I think that this next wave of models are even better than the first load that they did. They really break away from what has gone before i might even buy the female one to paint as i think its such a good model


the face of the female is much to male like for my taste. I do agree that there is a sweet rat ogre model and some cool warhounds. Its a same that those razorwing are to small, otherwise they would have been some cool great eagles.


I admit the faces are not up to Sandra Garity (i think thats her surname she sculps for reaper) standard but they are getting their. No longer russian transvestite truck driving call girls that they used to be that they used to be Furrie are they ?


They are getting better, still not the most female looking head, but they getting there.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Generally good looking. Actually quite pleased with the look. What I seem to take issue with is the rules/costs: on the What’s New Today? they tested them out and each of them killed over double their points worth of models, which sounds a bit overpowered to me… I know there are other factors, but still.


I read that as well, strikes me as over powered when some birds can hack space marines to death.



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Thommy H:

Considering units in isolation is completely pointless in what is supposed to be a game of combined arms. In order to reach those Space Marines, those birds would have to weather a storm of bolter and plasma fire and hope not to have got smashed apart by deep striking Assault Squads or Terminators with 3++ saves. Showing how “powerful” they are on one-on-one terms is just advertising.

Blue in VT:

I like the dogs, Im trying to think of what I would use them for.... maybe a doomwolf with a head swap. they sure are nasty, maybe they would make good chaos hounds.

Da Crusha
if they didn't cost a mint each I would love to have the bodies of the dogs to use for bull centaurs...but if your pay that much for them they would be hard to cut up!
... russian transvestite truck driving call girls...

Perhaps my favorite quote from a CDO thread ever...:P




they are lookin good but de are not my cup of tea…the minis are like"ohh,and look how creepy these aliens are!"

imo they are always a little bit over the top

but i like that enslaver girl mini,would make a nice dark elf


I love these scuplts. The fiend and the dogs will both make it into my Spawnchompers Chaos Ogre army, whilst the succubus will make a great champion of Slaanesh


I quite like these, except fir the top one, he looks odd IMO, something wrong with his hands and I can’t seem to get what it is that bothers me. Guessing that the DE woman would’ve looked funny with a unibrow ;D the soglike creatures look totally awesome!


Not a fan of these models, but love the new dark eldar. Incubi and Mandrakes especially