[Archive] Dark Elves for sale


Hi guys

I am selling this Dark Elf army for a friend who has fallen on hard times, at the moment am hoping to sell in 1 go, may split later if no luck.

Some has been painted to a decent TT standard, rest is unpainted/black sprayed.

Would rather sell to a gamer on here than EvilBay. UK buyers much preferred but overseas can be discussed. Looking for £170 + P&P

the list:

Malekith on Black Dragon

Morathi on pegasus

Malus Darkblade (plastic cold one body swapped with metal cold one to closer resemble Spite).

Beastmaster on Manticore

Sorceress with staff

Sorceress on cold one (6th ed)


20 Warriors with Spears/Shields

10 Crossbow Elves

10 Cold One Knights with command (6th ed)

15 Black Guard with command

15 Witch Elves with command


2 x Reaper Bolt Throwers

Cauldron of Blood & attendants

Pm me for more details if needed.


Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s always easier to split it up and you can usually make more money too. I’ll come back to this later :wink:


on ebay now: