[Archive] Dark Elves, who plays them?


Alright who plays Dark Elves and understands them enough to write about them from a tactical sense?

Can’t imagine why I might be asking about them? Also anyone have both armies in sufficeint quantities or barring that have an opponent that plays Dark Elves?

Let me know ASAP.


I have a friend who has dark elves and plays them really well. He’s got a sizeable amount as well.


My self and ubertechie both have and play Dark Elves both armies are over 2000 pts


I’m too new to them, but there’s a few folks on ritesofwar I could ask.


My regular opponent (brother-in-law) plays dark elves as his main army, and has won best general or 2nd in quite a few local tournaments (largest was 40 players). He’s good, but I’ve been playing against him for so long that I can usually beat him or draw (last tourny battle my skaven horde played him to a bloody tie). Anyway I feel confident about discussing the dark elves (pros/cons) in a tactical sense (but I’m not familiar with about half the magic items).


I own a quite large “Marauder-Horde” with 3000 - 4000 Points I presume but I haven´t played them in the last years … :expressionless:

You can see them here: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/9882


Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I collect them, but have only played a few games at small size at the moment


OK right now I have a lead on what i’m looking for I’ll let everyone know how this pans out later.


My wife has almsot 2K of DE, but they haven’t even left the box in 7th edition. Sounds like you are after some photoshots of a DE/CD battle or alliance.


I used to use them a lot in 6th. Havent tried them in 7th.