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Hi everyone,

as I said in the presentation post I’m making a CD army using the Warriors of chaos rules (because here in spain, GW says that RH can’t be used anymore…)

So here I’m going to show the miniatures I’m painting and basing at the moment. As you will see, I’m not a great painter but well… I do what I can :p. And about the green stuff… I’m just starting so u will not see any special conversion :frowning:

About the paint scheme… I’ve gone with a bit classical red, but using scab red that’s darker, and small touches of bronze and bleached bone. And the beards are blue, why? because I saw that here and I loved it ;P.

First of all, the bull centaurs (used as chaos knights) bought on ebay with a good price:

wolf hobs (used as marauders):

lord on taurus (used as chaos lord on manticore):


The shields are cool, where are they from?


oh, yeah, the shields, i forgot about them :stuck_out_tongue:

they are from scibor moscals :hat off


Moscals Shields CPSH0010


Looking Good DarkEden! I like the muted color scheme, these guys are going to look great on the battlefield!


The Hobgoblins are ace! :hat off  Are they original GW ones?

Also like the blue beards!

Concerning the Taurus - good model with appropriate wings but I would use a CD Lord sitting at the back of the beast and not this unstable looking howdah!

But this is only my minor opinion! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nonetheless great beginning and I want to see more stuff! :cheers



thank you for the replies ^^

yes, the hobgoblins are the original ones. I bought them using ebay years ago. then they were really cheap (now they have reached a very high and unafordable price :s) and I really love the models!!

about the lord on the taurus… the problem is that I dont really see a small, fatty, short legged man sitting on the back of that beast :P. Also, because this taurus is a mechanical creature (the juggers are made by us!!) I can see the lord staying on the platform, like a chariot.

the real problem is that a piece is missing… a piece I forgot to place untill I saw it painted… a pair of chains going from the platform to the dwarf belt! I’m working on it and, in the next days I promise to give new photos, including some of the recently made skaven-hobgoblins :hat off

PS: there is something that bugs me (correct expresion?). although the figures have been washed using devlan mud, I’m not able to see it on the photos, sorry


i love that old hobbo wolfriders…really want some for my force


Today, I show the start of my big hobgoblin unit (30 marauders, not bad :p).

First the comand group:

And also a pair of slave orcs with their respective slavers (you can see they have pointy sticks in order to make the orcs advance :p)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

I still have to paint the shields and glue them, and I’m waiting for the black soil I ordered to finish the bases


Great stuff here :slight_smile:

Do you have any plan about basing?

Second your choice for blue beards :smiley:


Well, the basing will be very simple, black with grey dry brush, like an ash desert or something like that…

finally I got a new camera and can make some more photos.

You’ll see the dwarf warriors on his small base, glued (with a low quality glue so I can separate them if I want) onto a bigger one. I do that because of the (improbable, but well…) option that someday I can use them again as what they are, and not as chaos warriors.

The old CD warriors I was using, with nothing special:

And are slowly being transformed to this (I’m not good with green stuff but I’m trying to improve):

At the moment I almost have a complete unit, lacking the shields though:

I have limited the metalised parts to weapons and shields, and I love the decision. Oh, and probably the musician will be sacrificed to Hashut, and redone.

As a bonus, a hero:

PS: everytime I look the photos, I see more and more painting mistakes that I’m unable to see when looking to the miniatures x.x


Would love to see some better photos of these guys:


Something like this?

And also, some hobgoblins I received today from ebay. As you can see they need a completely new paintjob.


Hi again, today I have something to ask, but before, I’m posting a photo of the “new” hobs and their new look.

And now the question…

I have painted the 5th bullcentaur for my army (the one on the right) and I have given him a shield painted different.

I think the new one looks better but… which one do you prefer?


I’m liking the new one with the out lines, the contrast is far better.


I’m going to agree with Nitro. I much prefer the second look.


Well… finally I take the small people again.

A pair of sorcerers I’ve done using the imperial wizards.

They have been cutted in order to be smaller. But I wanted them to be thicker than a normal dwarf in order to represent the magic powers consuming them.

I know it’s not a great sculpt, but it’s the best i can do now. Oh, and I’m also working on a warshrine using the corpse cart.


And now the question... I have painted the 5th bullcentaur for my army (the one on the right) and I have given him a shield painted different.

I think the new one looks better but... which one do you prefer?

I agree with Nitro and the pertubed one, the second one is much crisper and cleaner


Can’t wait to see that sorcerers painted.

I also like the Second version of the shield painting more,its a much better contrast


Great start to your army. I especially like your wolf riders and I think your sorcerer is going to look great! Keep posting your updates!


Well, the sorcerers are almost done:

the fire one:

and the shadow/death lore user:

also a wip of the warshrine pulled by a pair of black orcs (notice the leather strap/belt on the chest in order to have enough freedom to fight).

and also the fire daemon of hashut that will go on the cart.