[Archive] Darklands Random Terrain Generator


Divide the table into 6 2’x2’ sections. roll 2d6 for up to 5 sections and consult the following chart. after each terrain peice is laid in the center of each section, roll 4d6 and the scatter die to determine where the actual position will be. this can be modified for instances such as terrain moving off the table or river’s apearing from no where.

2d6 result:

2-Lava Flow/River Ruin Run-off

3-Rock Spire


5-Lava Pool


7-Dead Forest

8-Burial Mound

9-Temple to Hashut

10-Watch Tower


12-Special Terrain Feature! Roll d6:

1-Stone Sorcerer (Historic Landmark)

2-Sorcerer’s Circle (Arcane Monolith)

3-Slave Pens (Acropolis of Heros)

4-Idol of Hashut (Ancient Idol)

5-Collapsed Slave Mine (Fell Ruins)

6-Ancient Tomb (Monument of Glory)

Kera foehunter:

Sweet thats a cool idea.Malificant thanks for posting this!! Is it ok to use it.


go ahead!��im using it to get an idea of what terrain i should make for my table, so i figured why not randomize it so it ist “me” placing the terrain.��the scatter may need to be adjusted to fit taste.

congrats on elite kera!

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Pyro Stick:

congrats on elite kera!

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Awesome idea malificant. Ill try use it eventually