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My army blog…yeah…

Enjoy! I am quite proud of the runes on the shield. My idea behind that was that it was the blood of a slave (Or their own, haven’t decided) and sketched the rune to try and call upon some favor… :mask

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



These are looking really good! Nice job on the beards! :slight_smile:


There great i like the verdigris copper effect on the armour:hat


As with Canix, the copper effect looks great! What are the steps you use to achieving an effect like that? Also, the runes do indeed look great you should be very pleased.


:mask ok so basically I do this…

1) Base of Brazen Brass

2) Water down Jade Green so its more water than paint, you want it pretty clear

3) Smear all over your metal

4) Drybrush with shining gold very lightly

5) Paint brass over any areas too green, usually have to do some cleanup on the shields and helmets…

Thanks for all the comments…I’m working on my blunderbusses…

Traitor King:

Man, the Verdigris effect is great.

A nice start to the army, cant wait for more.


Only thing I would change is to do a bit more highlighting on the lord’s skin, other than that good work


Muaahahahaha! I’m back after stints with Dark Eldar and a few other armies I have desired to return to the glorious Chaos Dwarfs and given my school work time I’ll hopefully have greenstuffed the last rank of my warriors and finished the first rank of blunderblusses! :cheers


well progress hasn’t been great but progress has been made! Piccies!

Finished 2nd rank!

3rd rank of warriors


Kera foehunter:

i like the bannerand the cool beards.


REal good, keep it up :slight_smile:


I just picked up Skull Pass today, started converting them into Zharr… So far I have made…

Death Rocket from Cannon

3 Chaos Dwarfs

Lord from Thane

Troll into troll with beard :hat off


One thing I think will help is to add some washes to those models where their skin is present. It will help make the model look more blended and realistic.


I second the washes on the skin. Personally, I like to get a good wash of something on everything, be it ink or paint. It adds loads of detail, shows where highlights and shadows really go and generally adds punch to a model.

Ahhh, the hero… Someone tell me where I’ve seen that model before… :slight_smile: Heheh… I forgot how much hair he had originally. :slight_smile:


A poem I composed in my English class…

A Mighty Empire stirs once more,

Hellish foundries flame to life

Captured slaves give their life!

The will of Hashut is War!

From dank dungeons filled with horror

and oppressing towers,

come forth the darker powers

Crossing lava plains and sunken moor,

As darkness blocks the sun

prepare thyself

hide your daughters and your sons

for foul Sorcerors prepare their spells

to drag you into the darkest hell

The Chaos Dwarfs have come!

its not to hot but I made it and decided to share ot for kicks…so enjoy…


I am a bit pessimistic but, everything looks pretty good from what I can, other then you might want to stress your highlights more, unless your camera isn’t giving your models justice. Ink the flesh in too! I really like the poses along with the color scheme (looks some what like mine 0.o minus the copper).

From these pics it just appears that your models are leaning more on just paint from the paint pots except for the awesome copper effect keep that up its amazing. The red is nice, but I stress highlights!

Keep up the work and please forgive me if my C&C seems a little harsh.


yeah I should add highlights…I’m just not very good at highlighting anything but armor because it ridges to accentuate…


I use a 18/0 brush for my highlighting efforts, if anything, try a smaller brush. Good luck to you, and keep em coming.


I like you various of masks/helms - great and cool :slight_smile:

The banner bearer’s totem/banner is a great idea - It looks kinda Doom’ish (pc doom game) I don’t know why, but still its great :slight_smile:


As most of you can realize/know I move slowly…extremely slowly…but I have some updates and a color change!

-Engineer and Death Rocket. The engineer is supposed to have a old scuba suit, Death Rocket is meh. Works but I’d like to make a new one.

-Old warriors, new colors

-Blood Bowl dwarf turned into a champion for another unit.

-My lord, I’m quite proud of how he turned out (Still WIP). He stands taller than most marines! Size comparison next pic.