[Archive] Dawi Zharr, full steam ahead!


Hi there, everyone.  I’m a longtime lurker, but new poster to CDO.  I’ve finally decided to make the plunge, and start converting up some big hats.

Now, be gentle with me.  I’ve never sculpted anything in my entire life, and up until this mini, I’ve only ever used greenstuff to fill gaps, heh.

The hat is currently curing, I plan to shave down and smooth out the edge so that it is more cylindrical, then build up the base and the top of the hat.

I still need to greenstuff some braids of hair at the base of the hat on the back {I haven’t done anything back there, yet, hence no pictures}.

This mini will be turned into a Blunderbuss, eventually.  If anyone can offer any good suggestions for the Blunderbuss itself, that would be very appreciated.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Welcome to the site!

The mini looks good so far! I’d just suggest cropping the picture down so that it’s smaller for the web page.

Blunderbusses are easy enough to make. Just take the standard Dwarf Thunderers hand gun and cut the end of the barrel down a little bit. Then glue a buckler shield to the end of the gun barrel. (It’s the same shield you’re currently using for your hat top.)

Here’s an example of my finished models. I found that you have to reduce the length of the gun barrel so that the models don’t hit each other in the head with the bell of the gun.


You can also use the “Chaos Rhino Gargoyle heads” for the ends of the Blunderbusses - you can see an example here!



I edited the picture, hopefully that is a bit more viewer friendly.

Thanks for the suggestions - I like the look of both the Gargoyles, and the shields. I think the deciding factor will be how many Gargoyle heads I can get ahold of. I have a few Chaos playing friends I may be able to mooch them from, so if I can get fifteen of them, I think I’ll do that.

What do you guys think of the hat, aside from it being unfinished? Is it tall/short enough, is the style fitting?


Looking very good so far

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Another BB gun end is a Vampire Counts Skeleton Warriors tuba. It has a nice bell with a skull head inside of it. These are harder to find, so I might suggest using this end for your champion.


Alright, so, my photography isn’t getting any better, heh.

A few pictures, and explanations.  The first few are shots of the Annihilator as he stands right now;

I need to wait for all of the greenstuff to cure, so I can carve it down and file it smooth.  Looking at the other project logs, I want to smash everything I’ve ever done with a hammer every time I look at Snotling, or Xander’s stuff.  :P


EDIT:  Some WIP of the Blunderbusses - again, I need it to cure so I can smooth everything out.  I’m thinking that my front rank is going to be belching fire, what do you guys think?


I have a few WIP pictures of my Sorceror on Lammasu, too.  If anyone has any ideas as to how to model the Sorcerous Exhalation, I am all ears.  Right now, he’s a little boring.

The images aren’t great, since the mini was half-primed black a very long time ago, so hopefully you guys can make some stuff out.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks good.

Never worry about other people’s Greenstuff abilities. You have to make Greenstuff “Your own” and be unique!

I wish I had your Lammasu!


For a first sculpt this a some great work :slight_smile: great work on the lammasu as well and also welcome to the site great to have you with us :hat off


good start,really like that flame effect at the blunderbuss thats nice idea

your lammassu looks good too,where are the hands of the sorcerer from?

looks like parts from a rakham dwarf to me.am i right?


Close, Hazkar. They are actually from Golberak, the goblin general.


So, I’ve been steadily plugging away at the little buggers.  Tonight I plan to prime and begin putting the primary colours on them, and make some bases.


So, I’ve been relatively busy, and just won a best overall in a small local tourney with my big-hatted little men.

The crazy part was that I actually played against another guy playing Chaos Dwarfs {as Dwarfs}!!

Anyhow, a few updates:  The Lamassu, sans rider {flash really flooded out the colour, wings were not finished at the time this picture was taken}:

And my Daemon Eater, which at the time this picture was taken, was only base coloured, highlighted slightly, and washed, I still have a long ways to go, but things are comming together.  The Daemonsmith on top is magnetized, and again, base coloured, highlighted, washed, and not finished.


Woah, now that is what I call creative, deserving of a slave or two. Where are all the parts from?


The funny part was that I got halfway through the minis, and had no idea how to finish.

Bits: Steam tank, Gun Bunny from Warmachine, Zombie Dragon, The middle part of the barrel I dremmelled out of a Hellcannon to make my Earthshaker, so I used that part in this conversion, The old Pump Wagon, random Chaos spikes, a basing kit for the skulls, and a few other random bits, and lots and lots of greenstuff.

The Daemonsmith’s legs are a heavily shaved down Mortenebra from Warmachine, with a Dwarf warrior torso, hollowed-out night plastic night goblin hood with a dwarf mask/beard greenstuffed into place.

I’m forgetting some bits, but that’s most of them.

I’ll see if I can get some shots of my Eruption gun.



  Looking at the other project logs, I want to smash everything I’ve ever done with a hammer every time I look at Snotling, or Xander’s stuff.  :P