[Archive] Dawi-Zharr Gold


Many years ago, I read The Belgariad by David Eddings. The dark races in his books, the Angoraks, used a special type of red gold in their foreign dealings, specifically bribery.

This Angorak Gold had a specific effect/curse regarding it, where once you had a little you wanted more. A good way to keep agents on the payroll. Recently, I’ve been thinking of something like this in relation to Chaos Dwarfs.

Fluff-wise, a material like this could explain a lot about the Chaos Dwarfs. Why they were determined to stay in the Dark Lands when things started to go bad, why they’d pave roads with (normal) gold, and how they could maintain a steady influx of slaves. Why put dangerous weapons in the hands of your neighbors when a little Dawi-Zharr Gold would do? Also, if a significant amount were to turn up in a foreign land, they would have a reason to venture forth and retrieve it.

As far as what it could be, I’ve considered the following:

1) Meteoric Gold- The same way that Gromril is Meteoric Iron. The Dark Lands could be the result of an impact millenia ago.

2)Natural gold tainted with Warpstone- Just as Rose Gold and White Gold are alloys with other materials

3)Natural gold corrupted by Hashut [My favorite]- During his imprisonment beneath the Dark Lands, the essence of Hashut seeped into the surrounding stone. Gold seams so tainted would have been mined relentlessly by Dark Lands Dwarfs and would eventually result in the breaching of his prison.

For those not so inclined, CD’s might mint normal gold coins and stamp them with runes that act to the same effect. Western Dwarfs use runes of Fortitude and Accuracy, why would their bretheren not have ones for Greed or Corruption?

All fluff ideas, of course. Take them or leave them for what they are.


In one of the Gotrex novels, they talk about Blood gold. This sounds very similar to what you speak of. Though Chaos Dwarfs do not have gold lust like their cousins, they have coal lust. That is what keeps them in the Dark Lands. Coal keeps the furnaces burning and the branding Irons hot!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Gold in the Warhammer world has a magcal property in it anyway that makes everyone want it. Oddly, despite their resistance to magic, dwarfs are far more susceptible. So, make them cast something/bind daemons to some gold-forges that empowers this aspect maybe.


The Dwarfs have a name for every slight variation of gold.  Some are prised very highly.

The gold Leadbelcher is refering to is one that gives the Dwarf memories of having erased a specific grudge.  So that is VERY highly prised.  I think its Grudge Bearer (?).

Having your type of gold X-porter would be in character as one of many types of gold, but I would not go so far as to make it a main focus.