[Archive] dawii hobblins CD of killing and stuff


Here’s my 2k of CD

Oh you wanted somthing you could see bring on idividual units shots

first warriors and bb’s

now the slaves

now BT’s and warriors

and machine gaurd and earth shackers

So thats my 2k of CD bring on the comments and yes the pic’s taken on my bed.


Whoops forgot my great tarus pic.

so here it is


The pics make it hard to pick out details, but one thing I can say is that you need to get those guys based, it would make them look a lot better.


What kind of list do you run at 2k? :slight_smile:


Xander:I run a mostly infantry army with some shooting and a great tarus I also have a bad habit of abandoning war machines.

Hal: yah mabey I’ll base them when I get gravle or does GW sell gravle.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I quite like the creativity behind a badly mutated Slann Rider on a red Playmobile horse posing as a Lord on Great Taurus. :wink:


Oh you couldent be more wrong Ishkur that’s a actule dwarf green stuffed to hell and an outrider horse also green stuffed to hell.


Id have to agree on hal on this one - a army based consistantly really brings troops together and unifies the army

But other thatn that nice job on the taurus. I still have no idea what im gonna do to build one myself


Hal: yah mabey I'll base them when I get gravle or does GW sell gravel.
Yeah, they sell it but I would never buy it off them. Do you live near the sea at all or maybe near some nice rocky area? If you do then you have your basing material for free.
Alternatively you could support your local/cheaper hobbyshop buy purchasing some basing materials. Kids toy shops generally have stuff similar, I know a place near me where you can buy 10kg of sand for ?5, GW probably gives you a few hundred grams for the same price.


Nope no rockey area all thogh I have a nabour who’s obsesed with rocky(ha ha get it)

but seriosly I’ll have some more bb’s on like the 6 of august.


I got all my gravel from the side of the road! It isn’t as if you need big bags of it, a small pot of stuff I collected lasts for ages.