[Archive] deadmeat30's Chaos Dwarfs (WIP)


Hey everyone, I have been working on my chaos dwarfs since they came out, but have so far not got very far with them, so ill start posting up some updates when i get on with it!

List of what i have:

Limited Ed Daemonsmith

3x Infernal Guard Command packs

60x Infernal Guard with HW&S

magma Cannon

Deathshreiker Rocket Launcher

Iron Daemon

What to get next,

Drazhoth the Ashen.

ok onto some pictures of my first unit.


They’re very very Nice indeed. Love your colorscheme that’s a big unit! Are you going to add a design to the shields or leave them plain?


Thanks vulcanologist, I have another unit the same size ;).

As for the shields, I haven’t decided yet, ill see how they come on, once the unit is fully painted, is should look alot more colourful.


I really like the color scheme that you chose. Ranking them up nicely must have taken you a long, long time. Well done!


They are all numbered :wink: just building my other unit, once there built ill airbrush them to the same state. then crack on with the painting! woohoo!


Blimey! Another unit even bigger! Looking forward to seeing this army take shape! Ps love your hobby setup!


Im just converting up my BSB atm, once hes done ill post some pictures.

thanks, ive worked hard this year to build my gaming room, misses gave me the biggest room in the house to do so :D. here it is on a cleaner day ;). gaming board is to the right.


Finally got my second unit built and air brushed! still loads to do yet!!


Loving the airbrush. Nice and clean. Great color choice!


Very nice paint scheme , Quite intimidating!


I’m loving watching your army take shape! That’s two very nice units you’ve got there! How long have you been airbrushing your models?


60? and i can’t even afford a box of dwarf warriors!:slight_smile:


Thanks guys, gonna get some painted over Christmas period. I mainly just base coat my models using a vallejo model air colours. I’ve had my airbus about a year now, great thing to have. I’ll get my magma cannon primed up soon and once my replacement part comes for my deathshrieker ill get that built. Now a question, I have an iron daemon unbuilt, do I take it back and get another magma cannon, and wight bsb for my new vc army. or do I keep it? Also do I get the drazhoath on the Taurus?

For those interested, the new fw book for storm of magic has new art work for the k’daai and destroyer… They do look fun.


That is the tidiest hobby room I have ever seen!


Haha, that was when I first built the desk, not that spotless now.


Just a quick update before christmas, Got drazhoath :smiley: and nearly built him already, got to contact FW though after christmas, as his crown has broke :frowning: so shall need a replacement.

Heres the army so far…


The new models are really sweet, the color scheme works too so its s good start here… :slight_smile:


Your army is looking very neat, and so is your workspace. I am very impressed with both. I’m loving your paint shelf!


well, after a hobby lul through thing coming up in the real world, im now back on this, and painting away to get them finished! want to get this unit finished by this weekend if i can, then on a treat, drazhoath i think, or 2 magma cannons. well see. heres a new picture.


Awesome work! I really like the paint scheme.