[Archive] Deamons of hashut


After hereing all this updated fluff and reading Xander’s kolloso article wich said slaves did the hevey lifting I’m afraid we might lose our slave,but I think they might give us deamons wich would pretty much make us hoards of chaos with worse armor and guns.Do you agree mith my thoughts or should I not worry about lossing our slaves.



If by losing our slaves, you mean losing them in a new army book, then no I wouldn’t worry about it. Any new army book is a long way off.


That is exactly what I ment.


Even the most optimistic rumours I have seen, put a new army book at 2009 at the earliest, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


One of the things GW are very careful about is not making armies to ‘samey.’ Therefore they won’t make us into just a slower hordes of chaos army because that would be a pointless release, and likewise they won’t cut out the slaves because they’d have to make chaos dwarfs relentless, meaning we’d just be evil dwarfs with some slightly quirky war machines. Even if slaves go we’ll get some inovative new stuff, and you can take your old slaves and make a small greenskin army.


I agree with what AGPO just said, GW want to create/re-do different armies that will appeal to people on a more mainstream level.