[Archive] deamonsmith riding a deamoneater?

Da Crusha:

I was wondering if you guys think it is better to have a deamonsmith riding a deamoneater or just to have the deamonsmith on foot? I plan on having 2 deamonsmiths and 2 deamoneaters in a list for an upcoming tournament. I would like to have one of the deamonsmiths riding a deamoneater but not both. do you guys think it is worth it? I think it might be too much of a liability to have a deamonsmith running around on a deamoneater looking for trouble. the deamonsmith rider would probably have firestones. what do you guys think?


I would say go both on foot, and use the points for the deamon eater else where in the army but that just my personal prefrence, what else do you have in the list ?

Da Crusha:

lvl 3 wiz w armour of stone and deamonbane
2 deamonsmiths one with scroll and hexacon the other with fire stones of uzkul
hero w the horn of rallying and pendant of uzkulak

24 warriors with full command with banner of the tides
2 X15 units of annihlators with musician
2 X 5 Hobgobbo wolf riders with bow and musician
2 deamoneaters
2 bolt throwers
3 inferno golems w breath weapon

I might switch out the horn for the hellfire gun. I dont want to get rid of the demoneaters because Ive been working on my whirlwind and tenderiser.

Time of Madness:

You have a pretty defensive/magic oriented list here.

For variety I think it would be good to have the daemonsmith on the eater.

Time of Madness


I tend to play one deamonsmith in 'eater and one on foot, I find it provides a good bit of versatility, especially if the 'smith in 'eater gets flaming sword as their bound spell


I like it for US 5 and combat power.


Too vulnerable IMO to put on a daemoneater. It will be over 250pts and will be a massive fire magnet. Any artilery, spells or s4 shooting will waste him. Thats why apart from Tomb King chariots and the popemobile you rarely see characters on chariots. Steggadons are different as they are way tougher. Freindly games, why not, tournaments best not to.

Da Crusha:

hmmm, thanks for the input guys.


I too have started running a 'smith on an 'eater.

Don’t be too quick to discount the Eater, ive had 2 of them be charged by an uber exalted champion on demonic mount and bested both him and his maurauder bodyguard while holding them up for 4 turns. They are better than they appear.

Not to mention the +2 to mundane armour, its not impossible to get him up to a 1+ mundane (unless shields doesn’t count on a chariot?).