[Archive] Death Rocket(1)


My ( first ) deathrocket!:

( the lava- base is to make it easier to imagine with surroundings )

I would like to hear your comments!:hat off


Love the knoblar!

Great model.


Very good, I like it,

also I imagine a Goblin riding it as fast rocket car :cheers


Really easy conversion, but still of the best uses I have seen of that cannon! Congrats! Really like both the cannon and the crew.


Nice conversion, looks like it’s about to plow through ranks of adversaries (or friendly troops, doesn’t matter). Kudos :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

I like this alot. I need to do the same with a cannon myself.


An easy conversioln that looks good, thumbs up! I like the crew and bases.


very nice… the knoglar is great…


Easy conversion, nice paintjob and cool basing… Just one minor critic: isn’t the barrel pointing a little downwards??? I mean, I see the rockets sailing in the air (or flying straight to the enemy)… But maybe I’m wrong


No, it is rather the main body that points upwards, and the rocket points forward. Look at the battle for skullpass cannon yourself! :


Or do you mean that you think it should point straight up in the sky, like some deathrockets do?


It’s just a misfire, going off in crazy directions and all.


What are the parts used in this conversion? I guess the nozzle is from a Stormboyz backpack. How about the bits on top of the cannon?


Great looking death rocket, good use of the cannon from the bfsp set, really like the lava base as well :slight_smile:


it is only ork stormboyz bitz and greenstuff on the cannon. The bitz on the top of the cannon are from stormboyz as well ( I had to cut it a little bit first ).