[Archive] Death Rocket Conversion


It seems as though people are not big fans of the death rocket on this forum…

But it seems to be that the BfSP cannon would be a pretty good start for a conversion on this. Make the dwarves into chaos dwarves, and maybe throw a rocket inside the barrel of the cannon. I’m not so sure I’ve ever seen any of the models for this.

Does this seem like a decent conversion idea?


Possible. mine is using the dwarf chassis for the cannon as a basis… but is all i will say. I have alluded to it in my army blog and may post WIP pictures of it there.

Kera foehunter:

yes it seam like a good one . There are some good idea here on death rockets too.


Here is the direction that mine will be going:


Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ve already made a bolt thrower using this idea and an older dwarf cannon. It works quite well, but for a death rocket, you may wish to remove the bulb at the back and have the back of the rocket sticking out.

Ghrask Dragh:

Have we forgot the ways of the creator (of the forum anyway;)) here you go hippo2112…



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