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I was just looking through my bits box when i found a 40k ork cannon base and a 40k ork rocket thing And after i had looked throught the box more i had already made a death rocket!

soo here it is!:hat off


also can someone please tell me how to put the pictures into your text with out having to put a link to the picture or a attachment.

also tell me if there is anything else i can do to it to make it look more chaos dwarfy.:hat

Thommy H:

You need to upload the picture to an image hosting site such as photobucket and then you just paste the URL it gives you and put image tags ("



Knight Of Awsome:

I like it, its nice and simple. im going to have to make my deathrocket the same.:cheers


Skulls and chains or even both are always a good way to make something look a bit more evil.


I don’t believe it… you actually found a practical use for 40k miniatures. :wink:

Well done. Nothing like a low cost conversion that looks good.


nice and simple, I like it


yay me =)


Ok guys its update time. Now I have made the crew and added somne bones and stuff to the deathrocket, Which you will see in the photos. So here they are!!:hat

The crew which is 2 hobgoblins ( 1 with a spear and 1 with a wip) and there human slave which does all the heavy lifting because these 2 hobgoblins are lazy! :h

Here is the back of the Deathrocket where you can see the pile of bones and the dagger! :slight_smile:

Here is a different photo of the bones

And here is a picture of the cannon and its crew. :hat off

Also does anyone have any idears of what i can use for the base?

oo also that isnt the real paint :hat off just if you think it looks rubbish because it will look much better when its painted with a cool base!

Kera foehunter:

great death rocket !! i love the wheels


strange, not showing up, just the photobucket complainy thing:~


oo sorry


nice! kudos to uou xbullx!