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I think I posted this in the right place. Last friday the Deathshrieker rocket I bought from WF showed up. But it was missing one of the 3 crew, the one with the hat that goes on the seperate base. I have now sent 3 emails since then, no responses. I had hoped sending more emails would increase the chances of a response. I tried calling, but for some weirdo reason it wont let me call them and I tried on more than one phone. I entered the number as shown on the FW website.

I also faxed them (yet another 6 bucks dropped on this mini…) and still no response. Pretty irritating, I was just hoping they could send me the missing crewman.

Dont really know what im asking here, I guess I just dont know what to do at this point.


Wow, thats a crappy break :frowning: If they haven’t emailed you back yet, like them on facebook and post on there whats happened and see if they can tell you what you need to do next. From what i have seen on their FB page, any negative stuff (since it is in public view) gets dealt with/responded to very quickly. Make sure you consider the time difference though…

Good luck. Let us know how it goes


What time did you try calling them?


Usually FW deal with this stuff pretty quickly…I had some missing parts from a deathshrieker and they responded to my first email within a day and sent the missing parts quickly.

I wonder if somebody is on holiday…?


That is pretty surprising. The last order I made, together with some friends, I though there was one model missing (~20£). I told them and 3 days later I had another copy in my hands (I live in Belgium). Later on I found out that the original copy WAS in the box and had slept under my sofa when I opened the box, asked them if I should send it back and they told me to keep it.

Groznit Goregut:

Calling from the US, you need to dial 011 as the country code. Don’t dial 1. Just the 011. If calling from some internal phone system, you call 9,011, xxxx

OK…just checked their site. Dial this:

011 44 115 900 4995


What time did you try calling them?

Calling from the US, you need to dial 011 as the country code.  Don't dial 1.  Just the 011.  If calling from some internal phone system, you call 9,011, xxxx

OK....just checked their site.  Dial this:

011 44 115 900 4995

Groznit Goregut
Yeah thats the number I called, I tried calling a few times actually. But when I would call it, there wasnt even a ring just an error message. Saying that I couldnt make an international call from this line, not allowed.

I did send a new email though to an email address FW provided me with on Facebook, hopefully this one turns out to be successful.


Weird. Forgeworld has a track record of really great customer service, and then once in a while it seems like they screw things up really, really hard. I know we had another guy on CDO (I can’t for the life of me remember his name) that had a bitch of a time getting an order fixed. I can’t remember who here helped sort things out for him. A forum search would probably turn up the info fairly quickly.


I received the missing crewman yesterday so yay they did receive the fax. glad to have gotten this sorted, thanks for all the advice too folks.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Actually, calling to england is 044 for country code. that’s why. regarding the e-mails, it could be because it’s the bank holiday weekend, so nobody in?


Their number was correct, where we would dial 00 44 they have the 011 prefix instead so they dial 011 44. The first bit is your local exchanges way of dialing out of the country and the 44 is the actual country code.

Forgeworld do occasionally forget(read:ignore) some emails. Maybe they just get so many they can’t keep track. Glad you got your missing model eventually.


Wonder what it is with the DSRLauncher, mine was missing the the whole sprue that had the handles / leavers on it. They were pretty quick to replace this but dang… some quality control on the siege engines please lol