[Archive] Decent Little Chaos Dwarf Site



Not bad, pretty good coverage of Chaos Dwarfs. :slight_smile:


Haha, that’s my old site. I’ve lost the links to update it though so it will have to remain like that until it vanishes

Pyro Stick:

Where did this shield come from?


Ohh! that is a great lord:cheers The shield is from the Classic Chaos Warriors (upper right) with a good�GS and paint work - I think:)


I want to say its from the old Archaon model.

Pyro Stick:

I want to say its from the old Archaon model.

This is the old archaon shield:

Im am definately going to get some of those shields (the chaos warrior ones) the next time i order from GW.....actually that will probably be never. They would go well with the bull centaurs


Wow…that guys is awsome!

stores idea for later

Pyro Stick:

Wow....that guys is awsome!

*stores idea for later*

Its meant to be Zhatan the Black. The chair is from a Dark Eldar ship thing i think. I was going to try make my own about a year ago but i never did


The shield is from an old mounted chaos hero/lord. I have him at home, he’s quite a good model.

I’ve seen this site before, it’s quite nice, I didn’t realise it was yours cornixt.