[Archive] Dedwrekka's One-kit, no-GS, Chaos Dwarf Conversion Guide


I’m hyped on caffiene and hacking at my models all night long! In my madness I’ve come up with a quick and dirty guide for simple conversion from Chaos Warrior to Chaos Dwarf.

I’ve also posted this on the Warmonger’s Forum, and Warseer.

I’ll probably wake up tomorrow and clean it up a little bit.

Dedwrekka’s quick and easy, one kit, no greenstuff Chaos Dwarf conversion guide. All you need is a Chaos Warriors box, a hobby saw (I use GF9’s Hobby Bone Saw), a hobby knife, and glue.

You start with the Chaos Warrior. It’s best if you leave the back off until after you’ve “adjusted” his height, unlike I’ve done in the picture.

Saw off the portion of the legs below the thigh plates and above the ankles. You’ll need to make two cuts, one just above the knee guards and one just at the ankle of the feet. Make the cuts straight across as it’ll help keep the model balanced when you put the feet on.

For the head, cut off the horns, and cut just a bit off the bottom. This helps fit the head with the body, and keep him looking stunty, rather than just a Chaos Warrior who’s been kneecapped one too many times.

You should have something similar to the above. Fix up the cuts with a hobby knife. Glue the feet to the torso, you may have to play with the direction of the feet a little until you can get him to stand straight up.

Once the feet are attached, get a measure of how much you need to cut off the cloak. by seeing where the feet will touch the base, cut the cloak at a downward angle from the inside to the outside, which will keep it’s ragged look. Glue the head directly over the neck socket, it’ll be large enough to cover it up, but you can use GS to fill the socket if it makes you feel better.

Then you can attach the arms straight from the kit, or make adjustments where you like from there.

My completed Chaos Dwarf Warrior.

I’ve extended the collar by cutting plasticard tube in half and gluing it in front of the helm.
~Mad Mek Dedwrekka

“I’s alive! It’s a…oh…get me a spatula and the AAs Igor”

Ishkur Cinderhat:

“Well well, what do you want to become one day when you’re grown up?”

“A chaos warrior!!”

The model clearly lacks a beard but with that added I can imagine this would make a nice chaos dwarf!


nice! never tohught the warriors had potantial to become chaos dwarfs, might build a general that way, but with a big hat and a beaerd =)

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Hah he looks so cute a little rough on the edges but over all a very smart idea

Kera foehunter:

that cool where his beard?? ohhh it a shield madden (shannash type ) since she has one breast plate

just teasing !!

now i know what to do with my chaos warriors


the warrior dwarfs can make up a very nice unit. and your conversion is very sim to my beginning unit of cd’s. And if you want to see how they could look with beardage you can check my army blog.



Thanks for the comments all!

A pic of three set up diagonally on their bases. They fit quite well even on small bases.

~The Mad Mek!

Kera foehunter:

have you though of smaller shields!!

i think smaller shields would show off your model better