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"Please completely delete my data, photos, posts and threads from the CDO because - copyright is copyright."

I was deleted. I want it. Words deos not smoke…

But I ask about the removal of all my posts, themes and images that I placed here.

This is my copyright.

Today I wanted to do it my self but it turned out that I can not get to do that.

And by the way:
Is GW has agreed to use their material for your purposes?
You called me a thief - in this case who are you?
No comments - please…

Please delete all data on which I wrote !


I repeat:

I demand to remove all my posts, threads and all my data.
You infringes my copyright.
You prevent me to do this myself and you do not want delete it.
I know the law. You break the law - and at every step you are trying to right guard.
You called me here, illegally, thief. And the administration has not responded properly. This is how you conduct yourself is hypocrisy.

I demand to remove all my posts, threads and all my data!



I think everything is already deleted because when i click on you userprofile the only 2 posts you have, are in this thread. So i think you just mean delete the profile?


Hi balseraph I’m sending you a PM  as I’m not sure where you are asking to have stuff ammended/deleted?

EDIT: I see an old user account in this thread that shows as unregistered. http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=6436

If this is indeed you it looks like you got caught when Xander installed a plugin that inadvertently purged out accounts when it was turned on. It was entirely an accident BTW as that account and a bunch of others got wiped out. That happened in 2009 BTW.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Wierd stuff this…


This should be dealt with soon as per your request Balseraph.  I forwarded your pm to me appropriately and it is in the process of being done.


Very strange …

I don’t understand everything but I cannot believe that anyone of the mods and admins have called him a thief.  

Maybe I will never understand it in every single detail … but normally here at CDO you can solve any problem!

Very sad this finish I liked balseraph’s stuff a lot! :frowning:



It seems that everything has been removed. Thank you.

I regret all of this situation but I can not do otherwise.

This forum has changed - and not for the better. Unfortunately.
I hope that you again will start to think about the game and the people and not your vain pride and copyrights, which, in fact, you do not have it…

I said that I delete what I wrote as soon as the download is a person to whom it was addressed - I removed it.
I said I leave the CDO - so be it.

I do it because my words are not smoke. Do not disappear.

It was nice to meet you - most of you…


Please also delete this account and everything will be clean…


“have called him a thief.” ask Thommy H…
I also liked your work…
I will be miss most of you. But I cant do otherwise in such a situation

Thommy H:

The original thread that explained what this was about has now been deleted, and with good cause. Long story short: he uploaded a publication to Issuu.com that contained a lot of writing and art created by others - most from CDO - without first seeking their permission and without properly crediting us. I and others asked him (on Issuu) to take it down as it wasn’t gentlemanly to do what he was doing. He came over here to give his side of the story and it degenerated from there.

For the record, I never mentioned IP or copyright or anything of the story. My writing isn’t legally protectable, since I posted it freely on the internet, and my sole issue was that using my work without seeking my approval was impolite and disrespectful. I was asking him to take down the offending publication and remove anything I’d written in it, not throw a tantrum and leave CDO.


Tommy … You are a liar and a very shallow, arrogant and vain man.

live with this awareness …

I do not want to have anything to do with you.

This is my last post here.

Please delete and that account.


Thommy H:


This message was automatically appended because it was too short.


I agree with the sentiment. It is a pity to see forums become elitist. Not pointing any fingers, just that I think it’s silly for anyone to get mad at anyone else about toy soldiers, or rules/background for them. Personally I think the best part of the hobby is sharing. Not that I condone stealing.


When you post to a forum it is implicit that your are granting the forum owner the permission to display those posts. It doesn’t remove your copyright, but it doesn’t mean that we are infringing on your copyrights if we display them. It also doesn’t mean you can withdraw permission and expect us to go through and remove everything you have done.

This looks like the end of it. Thread closed.


I’ll echo what Cornixt said and will have a thread up in website news tonight. This will be for information purposes only. A Public Service Annoucement, not a chance to dig up that past or debate the policy.

Agreed, this ones over.