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I was pondering alternative special choices for the chaos dwarf army list. Now, anyone who has seen my army blog knows that I converted some Robotic slaves; here is my humble attempt at some experimental

rules and possible fluff of Demon Bots. Feel free to comment.

Demon Bots

Demon bots were created by first binding a soul to the body (this was mostly done with slaves). The body is then burned and mixed into molten metal. The metal is then forged and molded into bizarre humanoid-like exoskeletons and thus, Demon Bots came into existence.

[Special Choice]

Unit size 10+

Points: 13


4 4 3 3 4 1 3 1 8

Demon Bots have a 3+ armor save. No Heroes or lords may be attached to this unit and Demon Bots never use the leadership of the general. Immune to Psychology except to stupidity. The whole unit is armed with either two hand weapons or great weapons. The whole unit can be armed with crossbows at 5 pts a model.

Because of the way that Demon Bots are made, they suffer from stupidity.


The command word guard is pretty useless maybe have along the lines of.

Guard: The Demon Bots can not move more then 8 from the unit they are guarding.

otherwise look good but one thing is bugging me what is a two-headed weapon.:stuck_out_tongue:


i think something needs to be added to represent their daemon soul. maybe a 6+ ward? also, i think that gaurd needs to be changed to a counter-charge rule:

Gaurd: the unit may only move if the unit it is gaurding moves. when their target unit is charged, the daemon bots may counter charge assuming they are in range of the enemy, and they can see them.

two-headed weapon im assuming is a great weapon?

Knight Of Awsome:

Guard is useful in guarding the flanks of static armies or war machines.

will if thats the case you could increase there T+1 just to make it fare:cheers


Ya, those commands are not very good, why would anyone freelance? O_O


I definitely think you hit on a cool concept, one that I have thought of myself. I kind of imagined that CDs would create really crazy creatures by binding daemons to machines a la Hellcannon. There’s so many possibilities that it really could be endless.

Demonmech magic items

Demonmech mounts

Demonmech units, fast and hard hitting or slow and tough

Demonmech artillery



I like the idea. I saw an article in Word of Hashut that showed how to make “Doombots” and saw that the example of one WIP Doombot had a pistol and spear.

I was thinking it would be cool if those options were given to your Demon Bots. Maybe making the spear a free upgrade, and the pistol (or something similarly shooty;)) for 10 or 15 pts.

Just a thought…

Big Hats off to you.:hat off


can you link to your pictures of the bots? i’m failing at finding them :frowning:


Thanks for the input Werzagig but I’m not really working on creating rules for CD anymore. You are more then welcome to use anything I posted as templates/inspiration for your rule sets and units.

You can find the robots in my army blog,


Most of them are made out of Christmas lights, I plan to make some more for the holiday season.


ahh cool.

i like the 1930s scifi feel.

away captain proton!!


Cool, Thx Theory_Man.

I will definitely take you up on your offer, and I will treat it with the utmost respect to the original work.

Again, Thank You.:cheers