[Archive] Developing background on the BB team Zharr-Naggrund Juggernauts

Red Skullz:

Hey all :slight_smile:

I need some help in developing names and background stories on the players for the Zharr-Naggrund Juggrnauts. Plog can be found here:

Hope this isnt seen as lazy from my part but from what Ive skimmed through here on the forums and the e-zine tells me I should get some qualified help from a very dedicated group of players :slight_smile:

Also, I`ve seen a lot great graphichs and very cool art here. Some help with a spiffing logo would also be highly appreciated :slight_smile:



Hey all :)

I need some help in developing names and background stories on the players for the Zharr-Naggrund Juggrnauts.

Red Skullz
Well this is the fluff for my CD team hopefully you might find some insperation.

Its a easy life being a Chaos Dwarf; most of their time is spent lording it over their slaves while marvelling at their brilliance and awe inspiring giant ziggurat cities. However, not all Chaos Dwarfs are content to a life of such Opulence, the Chaos Dwarf has then two options: join the Mighty Bull Armies of the Brass and magnificent Hashut or go join the local Blood Bowl team.

Within Zharr-Niggrund there used to be 3 Blood bowl teams, the Zharr-niggrund Ziggarats, the Zharr-Niggrund Bulls and the Zharr-Niggrund Slavers (A Team made up of *ahem* willing Slaves, of course the most successful were the Ziggurats, backed by the wealthy F.O.C.D (Federation of Chaos Dwarfs) they went in search of glory within the old worlds CAK league however as we know it didn�?Tt go very well for them.

Under the Coaching of Sven-Gorgon E,RatSon (A Hobgoblin Coach!!!) the Ziggurats became the laughing stock of the league suffering defeat after defeat, the occasional high point was constantly soured by stories of Svens womanising and in one case a story where Sven was set up by the Daily Stargazer into accepting a job in the lucrative Araby league. Enough was enough and the fans were at there tethers end, final humiliation came at the hands of the Asgard ravens (a Norse Team) where a riot both ended the game and the lives of many of the Ziggurats players.

With a squad consisting of players below the allowed number, the Ziggarats were dismissed by the CAK league and sent back to the Homelands of the Chaos Dwarfs.

Sven was the fist to be fired ... literally out of a Chaos Dwarf hell cannon. Ironically, there were more people there to watch Svens firing than had been at all of the Ziggarats games all season.

With the Ziggarats now with out a coach a lot of players and no fans the future looked grim ... that was until Zoman Ungbravaich came along.

Zoman was a wealthy Chaos Dwarf and set about rebuilding a Super team that could Win trophies, the first job was to rebuild the team ... so he did by buying the other 2 Zharr-Niggrund teams and with the Ziggarats he picked the best players from each and rebuilt the team .. next he brought in a new (Chaos Dwarf) Coach the well regarded and renowned Zalex Urgison, next came the rebranding ... the new team was officially announced as the Zharr-Niggrund Oilers in a lavish bash that has all the celebs including the Reikland Monarchs Coach Dennis Eaden and top Blood Bowl official Basil Chi'kin.

The final piece was the introduction of a secret building project .... the Players that had come back from the old world had talked about the opposing teams using grenades chainsaws and even Death rollers !! to combat this the F.O.C.D have been working on some new ideas and recently announced for this season a new Killdozer will be available to the Oilers ... this machine may just be the extra punch they need.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

From Left to Right : Names - “Knuckles” McBash, “Bad Boy” Bjornson, “Mad Dog” Hoolagan, “Cyclopse” Pete.

I love the conversion work and how you went about it. It’s a simple way to make any type of Chaos Dwarf! Just glue on the facial parts to a Chaos Warrior helmet and then Green Stuff in the Chaos Dwarf features! Excellent!

Red Skullz:

Im very sorry that I forgot about this thread! Cool stuff and thanks for the praise mate :) I wanted to go a different route than normal, and I followed Xanders way of converting intently way back when I joined this forum. Hope it inspires to the fact that you can find parts pretty much everywhere :)<br><br>Heres the link to the team, have written some fluff and given some names that where inspired from the GD army book: