[Archive] Devlanmud's BFSP infernal guard


Last night I broke out the Greenstuff and dived down to the depths of the bits box and put these together

They are going to be a bit of an assorted bunch as a lot of my BFSP dwarves have gone to be

spirit hosts for Vampire Counts and food for tree men.

I’m going to make 10 with blunderbuss from the thunderers and mix the miners and warriors to make great weapons. I’ll add some more pictures later when I’ve done a little more.


Nice spirit hosts! I love your idea :slight_smile: great imagination


Looking very promising! Will be good to see them painted!


I tried making blunderbuss from dwarf guns but only one of the 6 I made looked any good. So I changed tack and modelled them with fireglaves instead.

I drilled the barrel out on each gun with a pin vice, then sliced off the muzzle. I cut the heads off some WoC axes and drilled the haft out. I threaded the axe head and the muzzle onto a straightened paper clip, and glued them together. Finally I stuck some very old Dark Eldar spikes to the butts and barrels.


cleverly done there. My BFSP to blunders conversion are a stalled project (one of many) and yours is a nifty idea.


finished GS with some shield details.

The painting is nearly finished. I got sidetracked by wolf riders.