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Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ve been searching about for the better part of an hour over at HoH and here on CDO and have found some decent fluff, but I distinctly remember writing some fluff for “The Blessed One” arriving at the Diabullus back in the Nemesis Crown campaign. In all likelihood, it was posted on warvault.net, but their nemesis crown section is gone, completely, even using a direct url. Does anyone happen to have this fluff? Several other members whose characters were a part of the council “The Hand of Hashut” wrote similar pieces. I was really hoping to find this, so if anyone has the fluff or a link to it, I would be eternally grateful! There’ll even be some slaves in it!

Ancient History:

Possibly a stupid question: you’ve tried http://archive.org ?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Had never heard of it, but thanks. Not entirely sure what to search for, Diabullus came up with nothing. We wrote the fluff about 4 years ago and it the section was deleted not long after the campaign finished. Anyone that was a council member of the Hand of Hashut will have had access to it (it was just an introduction of us to the board in a fluffy way, all meeting at the diabullus). Thanks again Ancient History :wink:

Ancient History:

And I’m guessing it’s not in The Compiled Nemesis Campaign Narrative?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Alas, no. Checked already, but thanks :wink:

Kera foehunter:

well sorry i can’t help you i was a pirate slayer on the gold digger that sank the cd sub at that time!!
and also the one that destoyed the Gold digger those i left the slayers for a time

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Well, Kera, that may have been what you did, but I got to control Rykarth and come up with the fluff that ultimately ended up in the Indy GT (not that people are likely to believe me, lol) and launch the largest rocket battery in history (including gob-rockets :smiley: ).

Shame that I will never see that fluff ever again. it was actually some of the most enjoyabel stuff I’ve written and read. It was only a few lines each too and just a bit of fun, not really of any use to the campaign, lol :smiley:


Is this the bit you mean?

A small piece of fluff for the arrival of The Blessed One. (I am aware that it may seems tarnge in parts. Advice would be excellent, though if you want to give some, either PM me or get me to start a new thread. I made this as I went along, so apologies for a lack of structure in it…)

There was to be an unprecedented search for a crown. A crown of supposed unimaginable power. The Blessed One believed it would pale in comparison to the true powers of the greatest, his lord, Hashut. But, his master had told his Blessing to the world to claim the crown for the people that followed him. The mighty Dawi-Zharr of the fiery, ash-stricken plains of Zharr-Naggrund. It was a power that could allow them to destory their vile and traitorous brethren, a source of recognition as a true empire in the eyes of the world. The weakling manlings claimed to have an empire. It would be crushed with insignificance once the item was taken in the name of the Chaos Dwarfs.

Hashut’s Blessing had moved to the bastion-ziggurat city of Zharr-Naggrund to convene with the most powerful members of the race. Those entitled the Hand of Hashut. If they were the Hand, he would be the Thumb. They had created a gigantic effigy in the true shape of their god and moved the impenetrable hulk into the Great Forest to prepare for the search for the crown.

The Blessed One had sent his priests and disciples with the mighty Diabullus, preparing one of his warrior lieutenants to aid their greenskinned allies, taking as much artillery as possible. Mrythark was the name of such a competant warrior and had already been just been dispatched to follow the primitve slavekind.

“Time for another meeting,” The Blessed One muttered to himself as he disappeared, a faint whisp of black smoke floating from where he had just been. He arrived in the mouth of the Diabullus amongst a bull-head portal of flames and shadow, signs of his true allegiance.

"I am here, Sorcerer-Lord Zharkov."

Hashut’s Blessing

Hashut’s Blessing:

THANK YOU GSF! I’d give you slaves, but a hug’ll do hug Thanks a lot, i really appreciate it and was hoping one of us would have it :wink:

May I ask as to where you found it? (A bit more than a few lines it seems, lol :stuck_out_tongue: )

I bet I saw it and just didn’t read it lol.



(obviously anyone without access permissions will not be able to use that link)

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ah, I see why now. I didn’t think to look at the second page of the Barren Hills, lol. Thank you kindly GSF.

If anyone doesn;t have access permissions, I recommend asking harvestmouse for them. Worthwhile to read through :wink: