[Archive] Differing Base styles


Hi all.

My taste in basing has changed slightly from the flat black plain with an occasional blackish volcanic rock and everything dry-brushed with grey. For the ashy look.

I now think I prefer the cleaner black and a few different types of rocks.  Here is a comparison pic.  The Ral Partha orc to the left is the older style and the one on the right is one I just finished.

What are your thoughts?


I like the one on the right the most. I like bases that have some contrast on. And the dark gravel and the light stones create that The base on the left if a bit flat.

To add even more, you could add a bit of dry sticks or dead grass/shrub to a few of your bases.


I also like the one on the right. A little highlight and some grass and you are good to go;)


I also like the right one more. From my point of view the stones a.s.o. should be painted as well (think they aren`t?).


The larger stone visible on the right is Zeolite from a fish tank fillter and the smaller ones are a mix of black and grey talus. I have put some Gryphone sepia on them and they look much “darker” by eye. the zeolite is normally green and the side facing appears to be quite un-shaded.

Considering how the other ones turned out I’ve been a bit hesitant to put too much on in case I drowned out too much of the contrast.

It was the high-lighting that killed the old ones for me.

No plans for any grass at all. The fluff in my head doesn’t have much growing at all where my CD’s live


Agree with that: No grass grows on Hashuts path :hat. <br>The new base style is definitely better than the old one from my point of view. Looks very good, sometimes the light swallows some detail so I didnt realise the wash on the stones.