[Archive] Dino's list of stuff he's looking for


Hey guys I have a big list of stuff I’m looking for so I’ll just jump right on into it.

6 Grudge ponies

8 Ungor heads without horns

5 Chaos maraduer or beastman left arms

8 cavalry bases

8 saurus warriors(No spears)


3 Terradons

3 salamander hunting packs

3 Teutogen guard

Great cannon(or a cannon with human crew)


And any dwarf and Empire stuff you aren’t using. PM me if you want to trade.


the grudge ponies and Teutogen guard are going to be HARD to find believe you me.dont they sell ar-ulric on gw?


Not any more unfortunetlly.


Don’t you get the same ponies with the plastic miners? From what I remember, you got 5 in each box, but that was from a sneak peak at the sprue before they were released.


four ponies in each bopx of miners,

al ulric will be a hard find though


@cornixt: minty is right, and its two for each box set of ten.

@minty: I actually am curently tring to make a deal with a guy who has Ar Ulric and a stegadon but he wants HE units which I have none of at the moment.


would a grudge pony from skull pass be ok? ( I cant see much difference)

I have one of those spare and 3 from the miners box for a total of 4

and have the saurus warriors…

what do you have to trade?


I have a empire cannon as well as 4 cavalry bases and some empire soldiers (a mix of warriors and crossbowmen) What are you offering for trade?


@Deebo: I’ll see how things turn out. I have one guy who says he’ll give me 5 ponies(but I might not be hearing from him again) and I have a definet one i’m geeting.

@51la5: PM sent.


Just out of curiousity… what do you want with all those grudge pony’s?